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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys, Wanting to get my hackintosh to work for a while, but im not getting any luck. I already installed from a penboot (made from a mac), but when i boot from clover it gets the Apple logo and then the prohibited sign... What to do? I installed it on a Samsung 840 Evo 250gb. Thnaks!
  2. Can't Boot From USB Hi I need help, I can't seem to boot my USB Installer made ff this guide: https://www.hackintosh.computer/25/mavericks-zone-guide/ It just won't boot from USB, even though I forced it to boot from it. BIOS Settings configured well. Unit: Samsung NP300E4A CPU: Intel Core i3 2350M GPU: Intel HD 3000 RAM: 4GB OS: Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit (GPT-UEFI) When booting, it will jump straight to my OS (Ubuntu) Using CD/DVD is not an option as I have a broken Optical Drive. I tried booting Clonezilla Live and Windows 10 installer and they're all good. Also, the installer from the guide above works on my PC, it's just this laptop. Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to hackintosh and my build is almost working good but I am facing some problems regarding boot time... My hackintosh installation process as well as post installation process ran into problems in many different ways but finally I was able to manage the VGA and network working like charm but till now I am not able to solve the boot problem, that problem may not be that important to some people but that is surely embarrassing for me. The problem is with the boot time, I think the boot time of my hackintosh is not so normal , the loading screen with niresh hackintosh logo (pic attached) is taking one minute and twelve seconds to fill out the area and i think that should be 20-30 seconds at all. I had tried many ways to fix that issue but was unable to do so, hence I am posting it here because it is quite clear that I can't solve that problem without help from the hackintosh pros.... By going into the verbose mode i noticed that there are many errors in the boot process like unable to locate something etc. I also stuck at missing Bluetooth controller error, i solved that by disable graphics enabler but that error still appear in verbose mode but after stucking for some seconds the computer boots fine, now I think there is something to do with this missing Bluetooth controller error because it is the last line before booting up, I tried some ways to solve that error (one was by removing two apple Intel kext from single user mode) but it still appears!! Shut down can also be an issue, normally after clicking shut down the monitor goes black and shut down within some seconds or immediately, sometimes it takes longer to shut down and sometime some strange small white texts appear in black screen with some errors i think. I tried EvoReboot but that works perfectly for only one time (i can see the spinning wheel with black background that time), that is not working from the next boot. Here is my Config: Processor: AMD FX™-4100 Quad core Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 5450 Motherboard: Asus M5A78L-M LX V2 (Simple BIOS no UEFI) Ethernet: Realtek® 8111E , 1 x Gigabit LAN Controller(s) Audio: Realtek® ALC887 8-Channel High Definition "Sound" CODEC *2 Here are some more details that can be useful: ** I have simple bios (no uefi), so there was no need to patch dsdt or other stuff..., In the BIOS menu i only edited SATA mode to AHCI to boot properly, nothing more is edited till now. ** My Hackintosh version is 10.10.3 ** Booting Yosemite Zone from the pendrive is also slow. ** I installed hackintosh on a HDD (not SSD) ** I have to use GraphicsEnabler=No and npci=0x3000 every time (technically) to boot ** Now I am dual booting hackintosh with win 8.1 (same thing occurred with single booting) Now i am fully depending on the pros to solve that problem, any type of help will be super highly appreciated. Thanks for reading....good night.
  4. Hey all, Firstly I would like to thank Niresh for a great Hackintosh build, it's been the easiest to install by far. I've managed to install Yosemite Zone on both my HDD and an external USB stick. I can boot completely fine with the USB, however if I try to boot into my HDD it stops loading at a certain point and my fans start to run very loudly. I have a MSI Ghost Pro Laptop, with a NVDIA GeForce GTX 970M graphics card, Intel Core i7 4720HQ, Motherboard: MSI MS-16H5. Kernel panic also occurs if i try to boot in safe mode (-x), i've attached a picture. Any help whatsoever will be appreciated, been trying to install this for days! Thank you
  5. Hello, i´ve installed the Hackintosh OS X Mavericks 10.9 from Niresh. The installation is successfull without any Error´s or something. Then my PC is reboot and when i will start the Mac OS X, the OS will boot and stuck on the apple logo. If i boot with the bootflag "-x", so this will have no affect. I´ve tried many things, before i wrote this thread. Here my tried solutions: Bootflags: "-x" "-v -f -x" "GraphicsEnbaler=0" / "GraphicsEnabler=1" "npci=0x2000" / "npci=0x3000" "PCIRootUID=1" / "PCIRootUID=0" "-s" and the other terminal actions I installed Mac OS X Maverick three times and everytime, i get another error. So i don´t know, what can i actually do, to boot the OS X and work with them. Here i will show you my hardware setup: Type: Acer Aspire Predator G7700 Motherboard: Acer MC72XE CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 RAM: DDR 6 Gb; PC2-6400 Graphic: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+ On my BIOS, i could not setup "HPET" to 64 bit, because there is no BIOS Entry for this. Have anyone a solution, for booting this operating System? Greetings
  6. Hello I have a Lenovo g580 laptop with intel i5 3rd gen processor 8 Gb ram and a 500GB HDD, when i try to boot into the USB drive that contains the installation it doesnt open at all. i tried the same USB drive on another PC and it booted up normaly i follwoed the guide here http://www.macbreaker.com/2014/11/how-to-install-os-x-yosemite-on-your-pc-with-yosemite-zone.html and made sure that the bios settings are setup this way and everything was the same as the guide and i still cant boot. Can some 1 help me please!!
  7. Had no success with mavericks install, trying Yosemite install, again no success.. Not having much luck with any of these tutorials, seems like all the issues are with AMD CPU's and not a lot of help with "Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo P9600, Penryn 45nm Technology CPUs. Following all the turtorias and boot logs or tags or whatever they are called, none of the examples are any good for my system. I have scanned all the solutions on this forum, and most of the questions have gone un-answered, this site is pretty useless, going to try somewhere else..
  8. DISCLAIMER : The 10.9.2 update has broken a lot of installations of Niresh's Mavericks distro due to a new version of Darwin. The steps described below are a generic solution as discussed on various parts of the forums. This is just a re-organized and structured version of the fix. This may not necessarily work for all OSX installs. So instead of only using the kexts packaged by Niresh, please backup any custom kernels or even better your entire extensions folder. Stuff you need : 1) A 1 GB USB (any size actually) 2) The Niresh Mavericks Installer USB 3) An already working mavericks install (optional) If you are stuck with a non-booting Installation of OSX Mavericks : 1) Head over to Windows and download Transmac. 2) Download the PCI Config Kexts from here. 3) Plug in your 1 GB USB and format it to Mac OSX Extended Journaled by right clicking and selecting "Format Disk for Mac" 4) Make a folder named Extensions in the root directory of the USB in Transmac (+HFS Volumes > Right click on White Space > Make New Folder) 5) Copy the kexts (not the folder, the kexts ! ) you downloaded into the Extensions folder. 6) Rename your 1 GB USB to FIX. (If you can't do this using Transmac, format the USB using the Niresh Installer and rename to FIX. Then proceed with Transmac steps (without formatting of course) You're done for the windows part ! Now boot into the Niresh Mavericks Installer 1) Plug in your 1 GB USB after the Welcome Screen has appeared 2) Go to disk utility and mount your FIX usb (Right Click the USB > Mount) 3) Open Terminal and type the following : ditto -V /Volumes/FIX/Extensions/*there is a single space here*/Volumes/*THE NAME OF YOUR HARD DRIVE*/System/Library/Extensions/ chown -R root:wheel /Volumes/*THE NAME OF YOUR HARD DRIVE*/System/Library/Extensions/ chmod -R 755 /Volumes/*THE NAME OF YOUR HARD DRIVE*/System/Library/Extensions/ 2) Exit out of Terminal and Reboot 3) Your Hackintosh should finally boot into OSX 10.9.2 If you have a Working Mavericks Installation before hand: 1) Just copy the PCI Fix kexts into a USB Formatted using Disk Utility into Mac OSX Extended Journaled and repeat the same steps from step number 6. 2) Additionally backup the Extensions folder and your Kernels to the USB with a different directory name. Cheers
  9. Hey! I installed Niresh 10.9 to my ssd where I had Windows. The installation was successful, but when I'm booting, I muss boot over USB. When I don't boot over USB, starts boot loader from old deleted windows. Right now i'm writing this from Niresh booted from USB and everything work perfectly except bootloader. Can please somebody help me?
  10. Hello everyone, i'm new to Hackintosh, and Macs at all, so please be nice to me, and sorry for my bad English, i'm from Poland. I tried to install Niresh OS X Mavericks 10.9 and, first of all, i was unable to boot from the USB I made(using Win32DiskImager), so i burned Clover bootloader(i'm not really sure why i chose it ), and tried to boot the USB from Clover, and then the Apple logo showed for a second, and then the prohibitiory sign(or whatever it is called), it looked like that: When i ran it in verbose mode (-v bootflag), it stopped at "Unable to load drivers". My specs: Laptop Lenovo B570e CPU:Intel Pentium B960(Dual-Core 2.20GhZ) Graphics card:Intel HD Graphics 2000(I think the graphics card may cause the problem) 4 GB of RAM. P.S.: I successfully installled Niresh OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5, but Graphics(low resolution,and no acceleration), Sound and Wi-Fi were not working. And also i created Unibeast installer of the OS X Mavericks, but the keyboard was not working.
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