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Found 7 results

  1. AMD FX 6100 still waiting for rooting device problem I'm new in the community and I want to setup my first hackintosh. So I've been sitting around for 4 days now trying to install the Yosemite Zone on my PC. First, my specs: AMD FX 6100 Black Edition MSI 970 Gaming 2x Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 Second, the problem: I've made an USB Drive with Transmac and the YosemitZone.dmg file for an Installation. I also cleaned a HDD for the OSX and called it MacDrive formatted as NTFS and set my main board to AHCI. I turned USB Legacy off in the BIOS but now the USB Drive isn't recognized any more by my PC. So I will turn it back on. So before I turned it off, I tried to install it via USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 but as always I get the same error. Still waiting for rooting device. I used these boot flags with different combinations: \amdfx , \amd32 , -v , -x , npci=0x2000 , npci=0x3000, PCIRootUID=1 (but some people are writing in different forums that this doesn't matter), USBBusFix=Yes, USBLegacyOff=Yes, GraphicsEnabler=No, but when I type this combination \amdfx npci=0x3000 -v USBBusFix which seems to work, I always get the still waiting for rooting device problem. In any other case my pc just reboots. I tried to inform myself around the internet but the English in some forums is really bad, so I don't understand anything and I am barely a noob in this topic so is anyone around who could help me out of this? I would be really thankful and I have a lot of time due my schoolholidays. I need MacOSX for the AdobeCC and Work.
  2. I'm trying to set up my first hackintosh ever, but the system I'm using for it is quite old. I have a modded xeon E5420 on an ASRock G41C-S, with 2x4 GB of DDR3 memory and a GT510 as graphics card. I followed a video tutorial on youtube (https://youtu.be/O8fCgmQd7SY) but at 9:48 the guy in the video says that the bootflags he's using are only for his specific machine (in fact those don't work for me). How can I know my bootflags? I haven't completely understood what a bootflag is right now, since this is my first experience with hackintosh. If anyone can help me, thanks.
  3. Thanks in advance for having the time to read this. Let's see... I'm attending some classes regarding Swift 3 and 4 on my college, and I want to be able to practice at home, so I tried to install macOS Sierra Zone with no success. Here are the Specs of my PC: AMD-FX8320 (8 Cores) 8GB RAM (DUAL CHANNEL KINGSTON) MOBO - ASUSTEK M5A78L-M LX/BR NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX760 For more specifics, check images attached. What has happened so far: Tried to install it and after endless times with many bootflags, could begin the installation process to the end, with the following message: macOS could not be installed on your computer Undefined error: 0 (I've read that this is fairly common and means the installation went smooth). After this, when I try to boot on my hard drive, clover seems fine but when I try to enter macOS partition, all that appears is a lot of "+" signs and an automatic reboot. No verbose strings to analyze whatsoever. My BIOS is legacy and I don't have those many options as in UEFI, but I followed what I could in the installation steps described here. Here are some boot flags that I've tried so far, with MANY combinations: kcsuffix=amd, PCIRootUID=0 nv_disable=1 -x -s -f -v -no-zp PCI=off dart=0 npci=0x3000 The combination that works to boot from the Pendrive is: "-x -s -f -v PCIRootUID=0 USBBusFix=Yes nv_disable=1 npci=0x3000 -no-zp" but that doesn't seem to work on the after-install boot. One time I got to see the Apple logo, but i honestly don't remember what I've tried on clover configuration and boot flags, but it was only for a second, and then the reboot came hahaha. I've used the macOS Distro on this link (https://www.hackintoshzone.com/files/file/1008-hackintosh-sierra/), but I had to change the kernel, because with the one from the distro, I've never got past the Darwin screen. The Kernel that I've used is this one: https://www.hackintoshzone.com/files/file/1027-amd-patched-kernel-10125-sierra/ Sorry for the long post, but I felt the need to elaborate my case, so I can ask for help effectively. Tried to upload images but forum is marking as spam...
  4. Bootflags for my laptop In the i show the hardware of my laptop, help me with the bootflags
  5. I need your Yosemite Zone version suggestions for my AMD PC Set-up Hello, I want to preface this post by saying that I've gone back and forth through the forums, scouring them for suggestions/methods that may work for my setup. After struggling with bootflags and a hundred+ forum posts, I got as far as getting Yosemite Zone 10.10.1 installed, got it to run in safe mode with a series of bootflags(npci=0x2000, PCIRootUID=0, -x -f- v, etc...), got MultiBeast up to install the necessary Kext's for my system and update my bootloader to Chimera. After attempting to install kexts necessary to get my Audio, ethernet, and ati graphics card running properly, that's when it all went downhill. No combination of bootflags, UEFI configurations, or appends to my bootloader.plist through windows seemed to work to salvage all of my work up to this point. I still have the 'seemingly' broken instance of OSX Yosemite 10.10.1 installed on a partition that I have yet to format for another go at getting something to work. I wanted to wait for feedback from you all before doing so, which I'm hoping to receive within the next few days. Below, I'll outline my computer specs, and the exact method I used to get as far as I did. Hopefully, based on the information, you guys will be able to suggest alternate methods of getting it to work given my specific hardware setup. My PC: OS: Windows 10.1 CPU: AMD FX 6300 6-core GPU: AMD Ati Radeon HD 7900 Ram:4gbx2 8GB Corsair MOBO:MSI 970A-G43 Steps to install: 1. Used TransMac to format my pen/thumb drive for Mac 2. Restored image with Yosemite Zone.DMG 3. Used windows disk-utility to shrink my WDC HDD to create a partition for my Yosemite Installation. 4. Shut-down, unplugged all usb hardware, green front-speaker in, and my Kingston SDD with my windows install as to not accidentally format it and lose Windows. 5. Powered up, held DEL to enter into my mobo's UEFI config, set my pen drive as the first boot option, and set my SATA to AHCI mode, rebooted. 6. Successfully booted from pen drive into Yosemite Zone interface. Chose Yosemite Zone partition(pen drive), and booted with a few flags including PCIRootUID=0 npci=0x2000 /amd .-v. 7 After a series of failures and Kernal Panic troubleshooting, I was able to get in and install Yosemite Zone 10.10.1 on the partition mentioned in Step-3. 8.This is where the real frustration began. I'm not sure how many different combinations of bootflags I had to try, but I finally got the installation to boot in safemode. 9. After being really confused about what to do next since I couldn't figure out how to boot outside of Safe-Mode, I eventually used a HFS compatibility program in windows to implant Multibeast directly into my OSX partition, specifically in my users/*name*/downloads folder. 10. Booted Yosemite in safemode, ran multibeast, and using several guides, picked and chose a few different kexts that should have been compatible with my machine. I chose Chimera as my bootloader and left the default flags there as per one guides suggestion. Rebooted. 11. I was able to boot outside of safe mode with only one flag, PCIRootUID=0(couldn't find this one in chameleon). I still couldn't get my graphics and wifi to work, so through windows, and using the HFS+ compatibility tool, I dropped a few more kext's into my Yosemite partition's download folder and rebooted into Yosemite. This is where I broke my installation, and from there, couldn't figure out how to repair it. I know this is a really long read, so if anyone of you have a similar/same setup as me and have been able to get 10.10.1 to work with your machine, or another OSX version for that matter, I'd really appreciate the feedback. Thank you all who had the patience to read this, if anyone at all. I look forward to any feedback from you guys! Flipzro
  6. Hi, I am trying to install Mavericks but every time (depending on what bootflags i use) the installation will either get stuck about 1/4 of the way through, or I will get the pop-up screen saying that it couldn't install. I am pretty sure there is something wrong with the bootflags i am using because I have tried a few different ones and they all get different outcomes but the installation never completes. I have seen other people run Mavericks or Yosmite on there computer in these forums, I just don't know what bootflags they used. Everything seems to always run fine until the installation stops. Thanks in advance My full specs: Proccesor: AMD a10 -5800k apu with Radeon(tm) HD graphics 3.80 GHz Installed RAM: 16.0 GB Graphics card: Asus GTX 950 (honestly i'm not dead positive the full name)
  7. I have installed Yosemite and I restarted my computer to try boot into Yosemite. I Just cannot find the correct boot flags to loads correctly. I have researched and tried so many but my computer just reboots itself. I have also tried /amd but it comes up saying "Can't find /amd Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 CPU: AMD FX-8300 GPU: ASUS HD 7770 2GB AMD RADEON HDD: 500GB HDD RAM: 8GB DDR3 Any help is much appreciated.
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