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Found 19 results

  1. I get some super strange crash on clover legacy. I ve already tried the iso on disc, but i get the same error. The maschine i have can boot snow leopard and archieved this already. http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.6.8/Portables#Thinkpad_T400 This Laptop has Legacy BIOS, but boots yosemite with iboot 3,3 but there i get the acpi plattform error, and then the kernel panics and halts. If it helps i can post the clover crash screen. RIP is at a super low number 0x7000h or sth.. which is weird.
  2. Slicey

    How to boot into USB

    Hi! I'm a little new to this hackintosh thing (ive heard about it before but never really tried it out). Yesterday I decided to try out and install macOS on my PC, but before trying anything on the actual computer, i tried it on a virtual machine first. I downloaded Niresh's Hackintosh Mavericks (both the iso and the dmg) and it installed successfully on VirtualBox (including a Windows/MacOS dualboot), so i wanted to install it on the actual computer, and i followed all the instructions included with the download of Mavericks, here on Hackintosh Zone. Although I noticed that my BIOS doesnt have all the settings supposedly needed to boot into the USB drive after Restoring the dmg with Win32Imager, so it wont boot. I connected the USB into the Virtual Machine and it does detect it, although i cannot boot into the USB itself (from the actual computer). Can anyone help me? Specs: Computer: Acer Aspire ES1-533 Processor: Intel Pentium CPU N4200 @1.10GHz RAM: 6GB HDD: 1TB BIOS: InsydeH2O
  3. Hay there, My name is Nils, I am new here and it's nice to meet you all. My question is about the OS-Configuration. My desktop is a medion Akoya P2210D, it has a little strange architecture with the bios/eufi. The first option "OS Select" is easy, I have the choice between [win8] or [win7/other OS], so I choose the latter. By choosing that It gives 4 new settings/ choices: Boot Option Filter {EUFI and Legacy / Legacy only / UEFI only} Launch Storage OpROM policy {Do not launch/ UEFI only / Legacy only} Launch Video OpROM policy {Do not launch/ UEFI only / Legacy only} Other PCI device rom priority {UEFI OpROM / Legacy OpROM} Those choices are giving me a headache because every time I make a wrong choice it is a lot of work to undo it. The choices don't make much sense to me. Can someone give me some advice about this subject? Many thanks, Nils
  4. Hi! I'm in problems! Yesterday I bought an HDD, WD 1tb, because I wanted to have Windows in my main hard drive and a second mac OS High Sierra in my new HDD. I did a partition of the HDD, 500gb and 500gb. One partition to save files and share them between my two operative systems and the another for installing OS X. When I was installing the mac OS High Sierra I wanted to use the disk utility to format the partition I wanted to use to install it. I selected Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and I tried to format it. Then the disk utility gave me an error saying that something was wrong. I thought: ok, let's try again and reboot the system. When I rebooted the system, my surprise was that my PC was freezed in the Motherboard's Logo (in my case, Gigabyte) and I couldn't do anything, neither enter the bios nor going to the boot setup. Now I have opened the PC and I have taken out the new HDD. Without the HDD connected the PC seems well. If I connect again the HDD, the PC gets freezed again in the Motherboard's logo. What should I do? I'm really worried... I hope my HDD is not broken. I forgot to say that I have an i7 6700, motherboard Gigabyte Z170-HD3P, Samsung SSD. Many thanks!
  5. Laptop not powering on after running bootable Sierra USB What I did: Made a bootable macOS sierra USB from .dmg file.Turned off the PC. (Which previously had Ubuntu)Plugged the USB in. Bios successfully recognized it.But then it kept showing a blinking screen.So, I long pressed the power button to turn it off.It did turn off.(Albeit, it doesn't start now.)What's happening now: Nothing. No LEDs come up, the power button doesn't switch the laptop on.I read somewhere that it might be a power failure, so I plugged in a usb flashlight with and without battery(on AC) and the flashlight goes on for a second. The Power LED doesn't glow. No fans. No beep. No other sounds.What's going on?Model: e039-TXMake: HPProcessor: Intel i5Ram: 8GB
  6. vassandrei

    Sierra Zone Bios Settings

    Sierra Zone Bios Settings Hi! I admit. Hackintosh is hard! I have tried different approaches, but none of them worked. So i'm trying one more time. I have a AMD proccessor, fx 6300 6-core with SSE4.1 Support and GeForce GTX 660TI. I have made a bootable stick with transMac with Sierra Zone and this is where the PC restarts. I have tried verbose mode and safe mode. The bios settings guide does not seems to be good for me! I`m missing a lot of those settings. Here is a link with pictures for my bios. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9Koyx74w13gaWU1QkFBNklUb2s/view?usp=sharing
  7. Chameleon 2.2 bootloader resets BIOS??? First time making a hackintosh here and used Niresh's OSX Yosemite. Had no success with Clover, but chameleon works fine. My problem is that when bootloader first starts, it resets my custom BIOS settings before rebooting the computer, resetting AHCI and Legacy boot settings, therefore failing in booting properly. I currently have to set these bios settings every time I start the computer, but I am wondering if there's a way to stop Chameleon (if Chameleon is the culprit) from resetting my BIOS... Computer is Samsung R580 with no modifications. Thanks!
  8. Asus H110M2 D3 - Installing Hackintosh Hi, I have problems to install Niresh Yosemite on my PC. I have a 250GB Samsung SSD, a r9 290 (i removed it for the installation), a i5 6500, 8gb RAM and an ASUS HM110M2 D3 mainboard. The .dmg file is on a 64GB USB stick. (I used TransMac for this) When i boot from the stick, it shows a screen with grey backround and the Hackintosh Zone logo. The progress bar, which should appear, doesnt appear at all. So where is my mistake? Is my mainboard incompatible (I tried to patch the bios file with pmpatch, but it didnt worked)? Thanks for help! (my english isnt that good yet, sry )
  9. rubalchhina

    How to Install /mavericks

    system: intel i5, ATI radeon HD 5450 graphic card, gigabyte H81m-s motherboard, RAM 6 gb( 2chips = 2gb+4gb). still haveing Bluetooth Controller Transport error unable to start after starting with safemode don't know how to fill tcp/ip menu for internet connection need help with ful guide how to install
  10. So i'm kind of new in the Hackintosh world, My computer is Acer Aspire XC-603. So i burned Yosemite on a CD and my computer reads its and boots. I get to the boot screen and i typed in ever boot flag possible (or so i think i did). Then its loads. I see the apple then within a couple seconds all my USB ports turn off. It does this every boot flag. I tried to turn on and off legacy usb in bios but then i turns off before i can even boot. This is my hardware : ntel® Celeron® J1800 processor Dual-core 2.41 GHz 4 GB, DDR3 SDRAM 500 GB HDD
  11. A while back I uninstalled Yosemite from my Hackintosh and recently decided to go with Mavericks instead. However when trying to simply start the setup from my USB, my system wont boot from it at all. The spinning BIOS indicator just freezes after a few spins (image posted of what it looks like). Thinking it was my USB, I tried using my other installs (Mountain Lion and Yosemite) and moved them to different USB sticks I have. I even tried using a DVD version of Mountain Lion with the same result. I cleared my CMOS with no success. This seems to be Hackintosh specific, since it boots from my Windows 7 USB installer just fine. I am not sure why all of a sudden my system isn't liking my OS X installers to the point of not being able to boot from them at all. Any help on this would be awesome. Specs: GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 F12 i5-2500K Quad Core LGA 1155 3.60 GHz 16GB CORSAIR Vengeance DDR3 1866 (PC3 15000) MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 OC 2GB GDDR5 Intel 730 SSD 480GB
  12. timminator93

    No AHCI option in BIOS

    Hello everyone! I recently tried to install Mavericks on my Acer Computer (Aspire e571) But i failed because my BIOS don´t got a SATA Mode option. I made a BIOS update but still no AHCI option. I tried it anyways but as i expectet it the OSX installer won´t recognize my volume. Do I have any chance to Install mavericks on it or do you know if i can get an unlocked BIOS? Im building myself a new PC right now and wanted to give myAcer to my girlfriend... with Mavericks... It has an Acer MRS600M Mainboard with a Xpress 1250 ati chipset. Currently Phoenix R01B0 as BIOS. Thanks for your support.
  13. Hi, First of all, thank you Niresh for your great work! I am having troubles trying to setup a hackintosh on my ASUS laptop (see signature). I succesfully installed Yosemite 10.10.1, fixed my intel HD 4000 graphics to work QE+CE, but I am having troubles with the boot loader. I can only boot using my installation USB drive because I cannot set the boot option to my hdd in my BIOS. I am trying for 2 days and I read all kind of forums and tried all kind of things until i finally destroyed my installation trying to delete chameleon from OSX partition and install it to EFI partition. I just installed Yosemite again using customized install options (Install Chameleon EFI) but no change, still cannot boot directly from HDD. I read something that asus bios is not able to read the GUID partitions ? Is that the cause ? I have a SSD where I plan to install when I will make everything work. Will this help me ? Can you guys guide me to install it correctly ? Maybe I have to make a FAT32 EFI partition and install the boot loader there ? I would prefer to use chameleon because I successfully found the correct settings for my video card and this was a headache too, but if it's not possible I will install Clover and then try to fix the graphics again. PS. I still don't know if my laptop is UEFI capable, but I have no option in BIOS to enable UEFI, so I guess not. Thanks, and any additional info you need, I will be here!
  14. hase091


    Hi, I've installed yosemite on an hp dv6690el (external hdd); all works perfectly on osx, eccept wifi. I noticed that the setup changed my bios... at the first boot on windows (internal hdd) after the setup of yosemite, i had a bad surprise. When the wifi is ON, windows tells me that the wifi is "deactivated"... when i put it OFF, it tells me that the wifi is "disabled" i have solved this problem one time by doing an update of my bios with the official setup. Now, i've tried to log on Osx, shutdown, log on Windows and it gives me the same problem!! i've tried to update again the bios but with no luck.. How to restore my old bios or make the wifi works on windows? Thanks alot
  15. I got Yosemite Zone working perfectly for a few days, I decided to take it with my to school in my bag, opened it up half way through the day and it was still working perfectly, when I got home all I see is a black screen with a flashing white line in the top left. I've tried disconnecting my hardrives, my ram with no success, and in each scenario I've tried both F2 and F12 with no response. HELP! I'm kinda freaking out.
  16. Yosemite Zone 10.10 i5 430m hp dv6 amd vision phenom 2 quad core hp dv6 both freeze at spinning "/" cant even get to the point to type /hp or anything tried a modded bios on the i5 still freezes at spinning "/" tried to boot clover using 6 just gives me a cpu caller error and freezes if someone could help id be grateful
  17. Yoshino

    Doesn't boot without USB

    Hello, i was able to get OS X Mavericks working on my laptop, now when i try and boot without the flashdrive it just takes me to bios even though i have my HHD set to boot, But, when i try and boot it just go right to the bios, but when i have my flashdrive in i have the option to boot to the HHD and it works. I was wondering what can fix this? and also my touchpad isnt working so i need to get the kext for it and i was wondering how that i install it? Though multibeast? which is step "6" in the guide, but before i do it i want to be able to boot without the usb
  18. Mac installer isn't showing up. Please help me how to setup the bios to boot the Mac OS X Mavericks installer??
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