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Found 18 results

  1. I have a problem when I try to install Sierra My laptop: Acer Aspire ES1-521 AMD A8-6410 AMD Radeon R5 12GB RAM Start loading and stop shortly. Using normal configuration as debug configuration. I added some screenshots. I hope they can help me. Thank you very much.
  2. Audio noise on startup Installed yosemite in my aspire 5749 . All is playng like a charm but i've got a problem with audio. During sturt up yosemite I hear noise by the mic , after logon and few seconds all come perfect without noise and distortion. How i can solve the mic issue on startup? Thanks to all for the coming help!!!!
  3. Help me figure out a way to install hackintosh on E1-510! Hello everyone! I need some help installing Hackintosh on a Acer E1-510 Laptop! I've heard of a guy on this forum who somehow managed to install niresh 10.10 on it but I've been struggling for such a long time and I can't find a way to even make it boot up.. Any help with what im doing wrong? I mostly end up on a black screen
  4. problem with bluetooth Handoff with bluetooth!!!!!!! I need help to enable handoff, I get it the other day using BTfirmwareuploader and without modifying anything but yesterday I had to recover the system for a problem with kernel because I'm a lot of time modifying and testing new things with kexts, I've tried to do exactly what I did the day that that worked, but know I can't, please help me to fix that, my bluetooth spects are: Versión del Software Bluetooth Apple: 5.0.0f18 Hardware, características y ajustes: Nombre: iMac de Thewavedestroyer Dirección: b0-10-41-23-15-16 Compatible con Bluetooth LE: Sí Compatible con Handoff: No Compatible con Instant Hotspot: No Fabricante: Qualcomm Atheros Transporte: USB Versión del firmware: 7.12545 (7.1) Alimentación Bluetooth: Activado/a Modo visible: Desactivado Conectable: No Búsqueda automática de dispositivo apuntador: Activado/a Activación remota: Activado/a ID del fabricante: 0x0489 ID del producto: 0xE078 Versión HCI: 4.1 (0x7) Revisión HCI: 0x3101 Versión LMP: 4.1 (0x7) Subversión LMP: 0x01 Tipo de dispositivo (mayor): Computer Tipo de dispositivo (completo): Mac Desktop Clase de dispositivo compuesta: 0x380104 Clase de dispositivo (mayor): 0x01 Clase de dispositivo (menor): 0x01 Clase de servicio: 0x1C0 Búsqueda automática de teclado: Activado/a Servicios: Transferencia de archivos Bluetooth: Carpeta que pueden explorar: ~/Public Al recibir ítems: Aceptar todo sin avisar Estado: Desactivado Intercambio de Archivos Bluetooth: Carpeta para los ítems aceptados: ~/Downloads Al aceptar otros ítems: Guardar en ubicación Al recibir ítems: Aceptar todo sin avisar Estado: Desactivado Compartir Internet por Bluetooth: Estado: Desactivado Puertos serie de entrada: Bluetooth-Incoming-Port: Canal RFCOMM: 3 Se necesita autenticación: No
  5. Acer Aspire 5551 Problems Okay I am a complete noob at this Hackintosh stuff and this is the first time I've ever even tried using it! I have installed it on my Laptop Acer Aspire 5551, I have a handful of issues So I am hoping some knowledgeable people will be able to help me on this, Okay here we go! I tried to install Hackintosh, but when it try to start I get to ACHI:Sleep State: s3 s4 s5 then it doesn't do anything although.... If I plug a flash drive in and remove it. it works (Same for running the OS I have to put a flash drive in when I get to Apple screen or Hackintosh screen and remove it to get any sort of progression? Any ideas? Lol (remember I am a noob) Another issue, it takes literally around 30-45 Minutes for the OS to start (Have to keep moving mouse and clicking etc for it to do anything) Another issue, Wifi doesn't work and last issue I have ran into upto now. Display Graphics are 3mbs. doesn't show any sort of Graphics card just runs at 3mbs... Anyhow I hope somebody contacts me on this one because man, it's annoying to try work something out where it's kind of hard to explain lol (i.e have to add and remove a flash drive (empty or not) to actually start the OS :/ ) Thank you
  6. Acer Aspire 5742 - won't booth without USB - boot0 error Hello I initially had some problems installing yosemite zone where it would fail just before the end, but then after I disabled the Graphics options and enabled the "move intel kext" I managed to fully install Yosemite and get the required graphics and other kexts afterwards w/ wifi sound etc, also I did a postinstall with multibeast, However, I was never able to boot without the usb. Whenever I attempted to I would get the error: boot0ss: error (when i installed the bootloader) or boot0:error (without installing bootloader) any help would be appreciated my specs: intel core i5 intel HD Graphics 6GB DDR3 Legacy Bios mode Thanks again, if there is any more information I should provide please lmk
  7. nidhalkratos

    Tuturial Suggestion Help

    Hi, I have waited for the day to get mac working to experience it for the first time in my life, I tried so many tutorial but there was always some point where I end up failing. I thing that most of the problems I faced were hardware issues. Anyway , I have an acer aspire 5733 laptop with intel i3 370m cpu , 4 gigs of ram, (check out the attached file for all the information extracted by cpu-z) Could you please point me to some tutorial that would work for my situation exactly ? I really appreciate your help. I am really desperate now , I sacrificed all my files by formatting the entire hard drive just to mac working , and yet I failed. Note that I do NOT have any access to any real mac and I almost have no experience in using it (That is why I wanted to install it in the first place) , I do have experience with Linux and windows though (If that would help) Thank you very much for helping me NIDHAL-PC.txt
  8. So i'm kind of new in the Hackintosh world, My computer is Acer Aspire XC-603. So i burned Yosemite on a CD and my computer reads its and boots. I get to the boot screen and i typed in ever boot flag possible (or so i think i did). Then its loads. I see the apple then within a couple seconds all my USB ports turn off. It does this every boot flag. I tried to turn on and off legacy usb in bios but then i turns off before i can even boot. This is my hardware : ntel® Celeron® J1800 processor Dual-core 2.41 GHz 4 GB, DDR3 SDRAM 500 GB HDD
  9. Hello friends,I want a solution to my problem Wireless wifi I can not access the Internet All is well on Audio, Ne, t GPU, bluetooth, Everything is OK Only on WiFi and Lan Please, I want to help These are the names Drive in two Acer aspier e1-570 I want a solution or files kext, and thank you my friends Boardcom Card Reader Chip BCM57786x Broadcom Lan BCM57786X HAI wireless+BT 3rd WiFi 1x1 BGN+ BT Atheros WB335 HAI Wireless+BT 3rd WiFi 1x1BGN+BT4.0 BCM43142 Wireless LAN 3rd WiFi 1x1 BGN Atheros HB125 Wireless LAN 3rd WiFi 1x1 BGN Broadcom 4313 IPA
  10. Hi all, i need help with my Acer Aspire 5742g (i5 480M, Nvidia GT540M 2GB, 8GB RAM): i've installed yosemite 10.10 with niresh distro (standard settings) but after installation at 1st boot (without usb pendrive) screen freezes with multi colored stripes. I suppose it's for my graphic card but i don't know how to solve it / which kext to be used! thanks who can help me, i'm going crazy! PS: is possibile to save logs from -v mode?
  11. Hey Guys, i hope u can help me to fix my Problem. The Mavericks setup is loading it only apears the Apple logo and a loading circle under the logo. It won't start the setup, it stucks at the Apple Logo and restarts after ca. 5 minutes. Intel® Pentium® G620 Prozessor Boxed 2x 2600 MHz 4GB DDR3 Ram Intel HD Graphics 1696MB
  12. I keep getting a message that says mac os x can't complete the installation. I'm using Acer Aspie 5735z Laptop. Could anyone help me fix the error. here are the images to the errors messages i have for the log files. http://postimg.org/image/gb9pqbskf/ http://postimg.org/image/dd3ciq23v/
  13. Hi, So I finally managed to get a successful installation of Yosemite on my PC (duh). After the installation I got through the setup wizard and reached the desktop, so at this point everything is fine (execpt for the Audio Driver). But once I restart it, it freezes at the red www.hackintoshzone.com logo (progress bar) at about 50%. I really don't know what to do, can anyone give my some tips? Thanks in advance. Bye!
  14. Hello. I have a problem. The hackintosh zone 10.10.1 image has successfull installed on my Acer Aspire 5750G but it just hangs at a line with Date and TIme. I tried everything and didn't get this thing done. Pls Help Thanks for your Replies.
  15. Hi. Im trying to install OSX (niresh) on my Aspire 5551G Laptop. My laptop specs are: - Amd Phenom II x3 n830 - Ati Mobility Radeon HD 5470 - 4GB RAM - 500 GB HDD. - Broadcom wifi Everything including wifi is working except the graphics card. I'm not able to get QE/CI Acceleration. I have tried to use niresh mavericks or niresh mountain lion (10.8.5). None of them supports. I have already tried patching EDID with clover, but no sucess (all works but there's still no qe/ci acceleration or resolutions). Using chameleon or chimera with "GraphicsEnabler=Yes PCIRootUID=1" i get a screen full of glitches. If i connect with VNC there's still no qe/ci acceleration, And if i don't use "PCIRootUID=1" Then nothing happens (no qe/ci acceleration but screen ok). I have already tried with some kext's. Nothing happened. I dont know how to inject EDID on chameleon and i think that this could save me. Someone can help me?
  16. Version


    I'm a newbie but i patched my DSDT and it works perfectly for me. I run Mavericks 10.9.0 on my Acer V5-571g mainboard intel h77 Ivy Bridge CPU i5 3317U and HD4k. I removed all other graphic kext Nvidia, GeForce and Ati. Now this DSDT add the brightness bar in System preferences.
  17. Hello guys. I have installed Mac OS X on my Ultrabook. With booting in Installation and with Installation i had no Problem, but i can not boot to installed Mac(frozen Apple loadin logo). I can booting only with boot flags -x -v. and can not use USB drive and internal HDD( Mac i had installed on SSD), have not any Internet Connection.(wifi Adapter not workt). At first i would make something with USB, to can load any Driver and when booting and installing in MacOS. But Logitech USB Mouse workt good. My System: Acer Aspire S3 391 Intel Core i5 IntelHD 4000 SSD 20GB HDD 500GB RAM 4GB and in Bios only 128 Mb to internal Video. I can not change this in BIOS. (BIOS Version 2.19) Hier i have uploaded some photos. Sorry for bad qualitat, i had make witj phone , i have no Connection with Internet on Mac OS. USB Foto in System Settings: http://s1.directupload.net/images/140314/e69pitr5.jpg Display Settings: http://s7.directupload.net/images/140314/htcdwlxr.jpg Chameleon pllist File: http://s14.directupload.net/images/140314/t7z523ay.jpg Thanks for any Answer.
  18. Hi, Im stuck at the apple logo/spinning wheel. When I did verbose I got the message as:"Kernel Extension in backtraces: com.apple.driver.appleIntelHDGraphics(8.1.8)...(some random letters) dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily(2.8)...(some random letters) dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOGrapicsFamily(2.3.6)....(some random letters) " At this point my laptop makes more noise. My specs are:Intel i5-480m @2.67ghzDRR3 2GB Intel Hd Graphics 500 gb Hdd Do you need me post the picture or Is this enough?