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Found 13 results

  1. I am trying to install Yosemite 10.10. i downloded iso and also dmg file so i tryed both bootable disk and also i tryed bootable USB. but every time instalation stuck at [PCI configuration begin]. i tryed many things like /amd -v , /amd1 -v , /amd64 -v , /amd -32 , npci=0x2000,npci=0x3000,PCIRootUID=1 etc. anyone know what should i do ? my PC Specs are :- AMD Phenom ll x4 945 Processor ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 Motherboard Sapphire R9 270x Toxic 2 GB Graphics Card.
  2. Matrafona

    Stuck at white screen

    I installed Niresh Yosemite on my pc no problems, my pc specs: MotherBoard: Asus M5A87 (AMD 770/870 (RX780) + SB810/SB850) CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition 3.3GHz Thuban GPU: AMD Radeon™ HD 6970 2GB GDDR5 Ram: 16gb _________________________________________________ The flags i used when installing: /amd npci=0x3000 -v _________________________________________________ The thing is that the only way i can boot into Yosemite is if i use -x (safe mode), otherwise i get stuck in a white screen, the bar starts to fill till about 1/3 then the screen just gets white and it stays that way, even if i use the -v it gets on the white screen and i cant see where it stops, when i use the -x the white screen does appear but it is so fast its like a flash then i get to the login/password screen. It's the first time im making a hackintosh so maybe it could be a very simple thing im missing.
  3. System: AMD Phenom ii x4 965 ASUS M5A78L-M USB3 NVIDIA Geforce GTX 560 8GB RAM APPLE SSD I've downloaded the niresh mavericks dmg, mounted to bootable USB. But on Setup it freezes every time at the nearly same point (no setup screen) just right after typing boot flags and stuff. It's loading the setup on verbose mode, but it gets stuck after *PCI Configuration begins* or a snap later every time, it's not a short freeze or something it just get's stuck for hours and hours. BOOT FLAGS tried: amd64 -v & -v -x amd -v & -v -x Thankfully greets Crazyshoe
  4. @, I'm tring to install Maverick 10.9 using USB DMG image but not being installed with AMD Phenom II x4 945 with Asus M4A785TD-V EVO MotherBoard, ATI Radeon HD200 GPU and AMD 785G/SB710 chipset. I tried /amd64 -v -f ncpi 0x2000 and ncpi 0x3000 GraphicEnabler=Yes cpus=1 USBBusFix=Yes many other boot flags but all the times it stucks at "PCI CONFIGURATION BEGIN" and after some time system sleeps not processing futher. could you pls. Help me to fix this issue? Thanks, gr8light
  5. I've managed to install Niresh Mavericks 10.9.0 on my AMD system, which seems to work ok, its not quite 100% with little quirks. Safari seems to flicker when I use it, does seem a little slow. I switched from the AMD64 to AMD Kernel which seem to solve my time issue. But I can't seem to get it to Recognize the video card as I once did before and I cannot seem to update Maverick to any later versions. I backup my kext and kernel as recommended, Repaired disk permissions, all I get is where it appears to have started , but all I see is text because I use -v to see if there are any kernel panics. I've even tried using the MacPwn to do a vanilla build, I get stuck at the BluetoothHCIController. I've tried a few different AMD Kernels with no success. Any ideas and suggestions are a appreciated. Processor : AMD Phenom II 965 Motherboard : Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H Video Card : Evga Geforce 750 GTX 2 gb RAM 8 Gigs
  6. Plz help me m stuck in the installation fo niresh Mac OSX 10.9 below is the screen where my computer freezes i use amd -v amd64 -v both not working. plz help
  7. Hello everyone. Thanks to this website, I just install the Mac OS X distro Niresh Mavericks with AMD & Intel 10.9 10.9 USB on my pc with AMD Phenom II x 6 1090T, motherboard Asus M4A88T-V Evo Series and Nvidia GT240 video card. The system is fully installed and apparently working well. I have not had to use any additional hack. It works the first time and recognizes all my hardware. I only had to install the driver on my motherboard Presonus Audiobox 22VSL, which I downloaded from the manufacturer's website. My idea is to use this Hackintosh for Audio recording (DAW). I wanted to consult them to have a similar hardware to mine, how stable the OS using the hardware I have. I'm afraid to approach a project and meet this Hackintosh collapses not be mounted with most recommended hardware for mounting a Hackintosh (Intel). Also, I've read that AMD distros are not stable, and this worries me. Thank you very much in advance for your help. Sorry for my English.
  8. Martin Mi�ulka

    Everything's slow until i move the mouse

    Hey all ! im trying to get my hackintosh working, i can get to the installation, but it is very,very, very slow, until i move the mouse. I have to keep my mouse moving to get the pc working normally. specs: Amd Phenom X4 965 BE 3,4GHz MSI 760G p43FX 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Sapphire HD5670 GDDR5 1GB Thanks for the help !
  9. Martin Mi�ulka

    Am i able to run OSX mavericks ?

    Hello guys ! I am kinda new to this forum, but i would like to ask, if i can run OS X Mavericks on my spec ? I have desktop AMD Phenom x4 965 BE 3.4 GHz 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz Sapphire HD5670 1GB GDDR5 MSI 760G P43FX I always really wanted to try Mac, so I would like to know if i can dual boot with windows ? Like windows on 1 partition and Mac on 2nd one ? is that possible anyhow ? Also i want HDMI Audio working, cuz im sometimes watching movies on my TV Thanks alot guys !!
  10. Hello guys, Yesterday I read the first time by Niresh they support the AMD CPU. After installed the 10.9.0 OSX Niresh from USB Booting with flags / amd-v maxmem = 4096 all works fine, it takes about 15 minutes I have a GA-MA78G-DS3H AMD Phenom X4 955 Black Edition ATI R9 270X 8GB Ram KINGSTON 256GB SSD Drive I can create a user then changes to the desktop and after about 2-5 min Freeze the system in the right corner Repairing Permissions appear but the clock stops. I have tried the HDD on a USB drive to boot exactly the same problem after 2-5 min freeze also just use this flag ------> "Kernel Cache" = amd (insert double-qoutation, it is mandatory) does not work: (
  11. kanojo


    CPU : AMD PhenomII X4 970 RAM : SAMSUNG 4GB GPU : AMD RADEON HD6850(Sapphire?) Motherboard : ati 890?or something..sorry I can't find specific model number for now... USB-Wireless Keyboard and mouse Hi guys I just installed niresh-mavericks on my pc. I googled about installation, so I successfully booted to mavericks. However, I can't choose between osx and windows. I can't see any chameleon screen while booting sequence. And I can't download any apps on appstore(it shows a message that means can' identify device's information or something..I use this in Korean language so I don't know details about this message in English.. Sorry). I googled about it, and I found it seems a problem with chameleon bootloader. So I tried to install chameleon manually, but it didn't work. And I couldn't boot to mavericks anymore I previously installed this image successfully on my laptop without any problem like this(but it was intel cpu). Can anyone solve this problem? I have two harddisk, so I inatalled windows on one, and OSX on another. Is this issue makes this problem? PS. It seems everythig works fine on mavericks include qe/ci except appstore. And sorry for my poor english..
  12. Hi people from here. Thank you for looking at this post. And thank you for helping me. i Have this computer Processor:DualCore AMD Phenom II X2 550, 3100 MHz Motherboard:Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2P v3.0 Chipset (i guess its the integrated graphics card) nVIDIA nForce 7025-630a, AMD K10 3Gbs of Ram i made it myself. So, i managed to install niresh's distro of mavericks 10.9.0 on a hard drive. But it can't boot after. (Sorry for my bad english, im Mexican) Ive tried the PCIRootIUD=0 bootflag the PCI RootIUD=1 bootflag all i get is kernel panics. Maybe i didnt intall it correctly, Maybe you guys know a proper way to install it. How to configure the "Customize" Section. Please guys. Help this newbie. Stupid newbie, Thanks In advance
  13. joserratlv

    Os X 10.8.5 On Amd Phenom

    Does Niresh OS X 10.8.5 works with AMD Phenom? I'm asking this because I wasn't able to install it
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