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Found 65 results

  1. Deltagande

    3 items not working

    Wow! I'm impressed. After all the struggles I've had with different Hackintosh distros, this one just WORKED! I'm on a HP ProBook 4540s and I have more details if they are needed Just three things which aren't working, and I guess I need some help to find drivers or kexts for them. The most important is wifi. My machine has an Integrated Realtek RTL8151FH-CG card, but neither wifi nor Ethernet works. Then my 1366x768 screen only shows 1024x768. The video card is apparently an Intel HD4000. And finally, and least important, There are no audio devices, neither input nor output registered. I don't at the moment know what equipment it is that drives the audio system. I can no doubt find it if I reboot into the Ubuntu disk I still have and take the details from dmesg. Which reminds me, apparently the installation process records the log in the EFI directory but I can't find that. Probably n00b questions, and I'm sorry for that, but I'd appreciate any help people can give.
  2. I figured it out to install MacOS on my PC but I have 3 Problems 1. I have no Audio 2. I need the Hackintosh installation USB to startup the PC couse otherwise it wouldnt found anything bootable. To start the PC i need to select the 2. Option in the USB's Boot menu. 3. My Internet stopps working sporadically. Mostly after it wasn't used for over an hour. To get it back working I have to restart it which is annoying mostly couse of Problem 2 This is my first Hackintosh and my first try to use MacOS!
  3. Recently I tried to install Sierra Zone Hackintosh onto my Dell Inspiron N5567 Laptop. Installation was pretty fine. It booted up so well. The problems started during the post-installation process. Audio kext worked properly after some reinstalling. Wifi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth was unable to configure. When installing the graphics kext for Intel HD Graphics, it got installed properly and after restarting my laptop, there was a black screen after my Clover bootloader and it gets shut down. My Laptop Specs: Dell Inspiron N5567 Intel Core i5 7200U 8GB DDR4 SODIMM RAM AMD Radeon R7 M445 Graphics 2TB Hard Drive The Drivers Include: Intel AC3265 Network/WiFi drivers Realtek ALC 3246 Audio Drivers Intel HD 620 Graphics Drivers AMD Radeon R7 M445 Graphics Drivers. Please do consider this issue and come up with any solutions. I have checked youtube. No one has Hackintosh installed Hackintosh on the very same laptop series. Please help.
  4. Niresh

    All in one Sound Solution

    Version 1.0


    This package will auto install most Sound related kexts automagically on 90% of the Systems. If this package doesn't work for you and if you have found your kexts externally some where else please upload it to www.hackintoshzone.com
  5. Audio noise on startup Installed yosemite in my aspire 5749 . All is playng like a charm but i've got a problem with audio. During sturt up yosemite I hear noise by the mic , after logon and few seconds all come perfect without noise and distortion. How i can solve the mic issue on startup? Thanks to all for the coming help!!!!
  6. After Upgrade to Yosemite 10.10.5 no correct USB Sound Hello, After I have upgraded to 10.10.5, the sound from the USB sound card does not work properly anymore. The Kext AppleUSBAudio can not find the Kext IOAudioFamily at startup, although it is present and is loaded at startup. Under 10.10.1 everything worked without problem. MacOS should support compatible USB sound card plug and play. In some Kext is probably a mistake. I hope you all can help me. Best regards, Hello
  7. HDMI audio not working i have just installed yosemite, and everything is fine but the audio does no work on my tv, i use cdmi connection, and the video works fine but no audio; any help?
  8. hello devs Hackintoshzone! I'm nearly success my first mackintosh build in AMD.. All intel that I'm build are all success in your distro, Thank you! Right now i have problem in Audio, except in Graphics bug in Mavs & Yosi) BUILD: AMD Phenom x6 1100T 10GB RAM M5A88-V EVO NVIDIA GTX 650 2GB Realtek ALC892 Audio Please Help… Thank You!
  9. Hi, I've installed niresh mavericks 10.9.I've got enough resulation but can't play any Audio and video.I've installed some kexts but they don't work.Quicktime Player and Vodooo are not working.All other things are ok. PC configuration: core i3;4gb ram,motherboard intel 61wwbe.
  10. Sound issue on HP HDX16, sound stuck at max volume Most sound issues in hackintosh are that some computers won't produce Audio. In my case, the sound is stuck on maximum volume, it doesn't matter if I set the setting lower or mute the computer, sound still comes out at max volume. All drivers and kexts I have tried either allow me to have max volume and nothing else, or no sound at all. is there any kext or driver that will let me control my volume, or any other solution to this error?
  11. Aliensidobelieve

    Yosemite 10.10.1 Audio Issue

    Yosemite 10.10.1 Audio Issue Hi all. I have recently managed, for the very first time, to get my Yosemite 10.10.1 Hackintosh working a couple days ago, ever since, however, I seem quite unable to sort out all of the Audio codec is Realtek ® ALC887, so off I went, testing every single corresponding piece of kernel extension to this codec, but the problem, of course, persisted. Later on I was tweaking my Bios and found out that my Mobo had some "Auto Turbo" mode enabled, slightly overlocking my CPU, I have disabled it (never been an overclock kind of guy) and then I realised that the Audio problem got even worse; Which lead me to a deeper research: BUS Speed and Busratio. I have seen some threads where people successfully got rid of this same problem by adjusting Busratio and stuff, I use Chameleon Bootloader, so try setting it through Chameleon Wizard would be ok, but as frustrated as almost every AMD user might be, I'm helplessly asking myself now: "Where the heck can I get some info on my CPU`s BUS frequency/External Clock?" all the information out there is for Intel. Anyway, I have come to a point where my research is stirring me nowhere, so I came to ask for some help, any attempt would be dearly appreciated. My Specs are: AMD A8 6600k 3.9GHZ Gigabyte GA-F2A55M-S1 with Realtek ® ALC887 8GB G.Skill Sniper Zotac Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 DDR5 1GB Corsair CX750 Power Supply 160GB SATA HDD running Niresh's Yosemite 10.10.1 with Chameleon Bootloader Notes: I'm trying to get this sound fixed with onboard Audio are not synchronised. Thanks in advance.
  12. Deep OSX Sound,HELP ME!!! Someone please help me,im running mountain lion in virtual box,but the sound is very deep,and sounds like a slow mo video.please help ASAP -Voicingspy
  13. Before I start, just wanna say that I'm new and if I'm breaking any rules, just PM me and I'll fix it. So decided to dualboot Windows and Hackintosh. Everything went smooth after few tries, everything works. Except the mic. Let me just clear some things for you guys before you post anything. Audio WORKS, MICROPHONE WORKS. Problem: Microphone DOESN'T WORK in Application, I can hear myself while talking. So yeah, Microphone is working, I can hear myself talking while normally using OS X. But Applications like Skype, Teamspeak 3 can't detect anything coming from the mic. Like it's disabled, but it's not. Everything in the System Preferences is set up correctly. My PC: MOBO: ASUS H81M-K CPU: Intel i5 4570 3.2 GHz GPU: Sapphire R9 270 Dual-X OC 2GB GDDR5 Audio Codec: From mobo, ALC887. HDD: 500 GB RAM: 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz Tried some patches for ALC887, nothing worked. Still the same. Can anyone help me?
  14. deadmau5

    VIA VT2021 [VoodooHDA]



    Hi, this is the Audio. It's a VIA HD 2021. I don't know if it works in another VIA chip, if you want, give it a try. Edit 03/01/2014: Now every port is working. Front and back Audio (I'm working on this)
  15. Hi people, I just successfully install Niresh (Mavericks) on my PC. Setup: Asus Sabertooth P67 Intel i7 2600K CoolerMaster Hyper 612 PWM 8gb Mushkin Blackline 1600 Western Digital 200gb HHD 2x SLI GTX 550 Ti TP Link WN7200ND My only 2 problems are that i still can`t make the WiFi to work, neither the Audio. - About the WiFi, I tried several options that i found on the internet, but nothing worked. - And about the Audio, I still haven`t tried much... I know that I might need to run MultiBeast, but my big problem with this, is that i really don`t know which option to check. I would much a appreciate if someone would help me with a solution or any other idea to try. Tnx!
  16. Hello, got my hackintosh (niresh) working so far, but now i have one problem: my sound is not working at start it workes but only output, with noises and hearing myself. after googling and installing of some kexts the sound is now completely death. hope someone can help me cheers
  17. Deepak

    VoodooHDA for Mavericks

    Version 2.8.5


    Updated VoodooHDA 2.8.5 by Slice and ANV A lot of updates thus. Sources included in zip
  18. Thomas Fenty Turner

    ALC892 (Tested on 10.8, 10.9 & 10.10)

    Version 1.2


    To install these files: 1. open the zip file 2. open kext wizard (or any other program) 3. drag the 2 files into kext wizard 4. reboot 5. enjoy the Audio
  19. Deepak

    DSDT Editor and Patcher

    Version 2.0


    El Coniglio released this DSDT editor with automated patching capabilities Note: DSDT Editor is written in Java, so you will need to install Java in order to run it. 1.OS X should prompt you to install Java and automatically download and install it through Software Update . If it doesn't, I suggest you visit http://support.apple.com and download the Java package appropriate for your version of OS X. 2.Windows Should need Java if You have installed don't need to do anything .if doesn't i suggest you Visit http://www.java.com/en/ nd download the Java Version appropriate for your version of Windows.
  20. Deepak

    HDA Wizard

    Version 1.0


    It helps to install Platforms, layout and Info files. It supports multi-line binpatches. Now it also has convert feature: helps to quick compress and decompress xml and xml.zlib files. Based on zlib.pl made by RevoGirl. Bonus: Patching AppleRTC to prevent CMOS resets after sleep. It will not create any files, it will only help you install them. You still need a DSDT patch, or HDAEnabler.kext with proper LayoutID. Thanks to janek202
  21. Version 1.0


    audio_HDAEnabler1 ============ OS X Realtek ALC885 through ALC898 Onboard Audio HDAEnabler1.kext installed with a Realtek AppleHDA.kext enables OS X Realtek ALC onboard Audio on Intel based motherboards with a bootable clean install of OS X. HDAEnabler1.kext injects Audio_ID = 1 for non-DSDT systems. In ML, The audio_HDAEnabler1.kext supports 1. Audio_ID: 1 for 3 (no 5.1), 5 and 6 port Realtek ALC onboard Audio 2. Realtek Audio codecs: ALC885, ALC887, ALC888, ALC889, ALC892, ALC898 Installation Install HDAEnabler1.kext with Terminal, DPCIManager, Kext Wizard, etc. Credit Kabyl toleda
  22. i Finally got the Ethernet working but then it stopped working but i want to know how to install the Audio and wifi kexts i have already tried a couple for both but all not working.
  23. Hi Everyone! I'm running a Hackintosh. I'm running Yosemite. My Audio starts to crackling after like 2-6mins, and i don't know why. Drivers installed. It's a USB Audio Interface. Please, help me out! What to do? Thanks in Advance! Highwell
  24. Hi Everyone! I'm running a Hackintosh. I'm running Yosemite. I'm a music producer and i have a USB Audio Interface wich starts to crackle after like 2-6 minutes. It sound like robotic crackling{censored}. Well, it's annoying and i have a lot of work to do. Please! Could you help me out with this problem? It must be something with OS X cuz, when i put it on another or yeah, a REAL MAC, it works fine. And it works fine with/in Windows to. I've installed all the drivers and yeah, it still starts to crackle. :/ Please, help me out! What to do? Thanks in Advance! Highwell
  25. Hi all, So I got yosemite 10.10.1 working nicely on Virtual box on my HP DV7 laptop. Only thing is that the sound was crackling... I tried installing the "All in one Audio solution" driver and a couple other drivers but now I have no Audio device...doh! Pretty sure I messed it up. I would like to know if there is a solution for this problem or some driver to install, have searched around but nothing really conclusive, if not, does anyone know how to get back to the initial driver without re-installing the whole darn thing.... Many thanks. In the mean time here are a couple of errors I did manage to fix during the install on VB for anyone stuck on these, this worked for me best one is at the bottom: 2 mins remaining fix You can also do in VMware Workstation .. 1. Close the VMachine when stuck on 2 minutes left (Power off) 2. Start it again, select newly created hd(0,2) <yourpartitionname> and type options: Step1 :- -s -v -x 3. You will get to bash, run two given commands to mount root device. or just see above 4 lines you will find two category ... Step2 :- /sbin/fsck -fy and when it finishes: Step3 :- /sbin/mount -uw / 4. Now move to the directory: Step4 :- cd /.OSInstallSandboxPath/Scripts/ and show its files: Step5 :- ls 5. In the result you need to find the .xxxxxx from Hackintosh.Zone.Post-Script.xxxxxx line (it's different for everybody, for example xSDnsS for me) and then move to that directory: Step6 :- cd Hackintosh.Zone.Post-Script.xSDnsS ( <- this must be changed for your .xxxxxx ) and execute: Step7 :- ./postinstall 6. When it finishes just type: exit Screen hanging after login Set login to automatic if login hangs using -x to start in safe mode. Missing Bluetooth controller Transport error start with -s -v at "root prompt" type mount -uw / cd /System/Library/Extensions mkdir intel_back mv AppleIntelHD* AppleIntelF* intel_back/ touch ../ExtensionsReboot -v reboot Virtual box screen definition fix First log in to your mac install and locate org.Chameleon.boot.plist file that should be in the "Extras" folder Add or change the line that says <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1920x1080x32</string> Where "1920x1080x32" reflects the screen definition you want. You need to change it by opening a command prompt window then typing cd "C:Program FilesOracleVirtualbox" Then type vboxmanage setextradata "Name of virtual machine" "CustomVideoMode1" "1920x1080x32" Where "Name of virtual machine" is the name of your machine and "1920x1080x32" is the desired screen definition. Credits to macbreaker for that fix, full explanation of VB install below. http://www.macbreaker.com/2015/01/virtualbox-yosemite-zone.html