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  1. Hi, I have a slight problem with my Ethernet. It works but occasionally drops out and I need to reboot. Currently it is running on the realtek 81xx next but I have installed the realtek 8111 kext which I believe is the right one. Motherboard is GA-Z87-HD3 How can I get the correct kext to load at startup? Also, is there a fix for the Ethernet needing a reboot, I remember having the same issue in Linux where if a cable was unplugged the system needed restarting to find the network. Is there a way to make os x automatically reconnect like windows does?

    Fresh install hangs on Apple logo

    Got it all working thanks,it needed a few mods to the bootloader, nothing serious. The current kernel seems to run fine without any patching

    Fresh install hangs on Apple logo

    Thanks for that, I googled that flag and my GPU and came up with this which works: GraphicsEnabler=Yes IntelAzulFB=10 Do I need the GraphicsEnabler=Yes flag? It now works swimmingly I will try to edit the bootloader to do this every time Now I have got it working I decided to update to 10.9.5 - I figured if I was going to break my install I would do it now, is there anything I should know? I figured out I need to re-enable TRIM already and I'll need multi beast to do that but is there anything else I need to be aware of?

    Fresh install hangs on Apple logo

    Managed to fix this very quickly, verbose booting showed it was something to do with BluetoothHCI that it was getting stuck on, a quick google and I booted successfully using -v -x
  5. Hi all I have installed Niresh from USB and all seemingly went well. I installed to a 2nd partiton on my SSD (which also has Windows 7) Spec is as follows: CPU: i7 4770 Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3 SSD: Crucial m4 120GB USB Mouse PS/2 Keyboard 4x 4GB Crucial RAM Built in GPU When I installed I left all of the custom options on the defaults and I have not used any boot flags On install the system restarted and I picked Mac OSX to boot, however, it got to a grey screen with a silver apple logo and a loading circle and it is just stuck on this. Does anybody know what I have done wrong as I thought this hardware was really well supported out the box