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  1. Hi, I have a slight problem with my Ethernet. It works but occasionally drops out and I need to reboot. Currently it is running on the realtek 81xx next but I have installed the realtek 8111 kext which I believe is the right one. Motherboard is GA-Z87-HD3 How can I get the correct kext to load at startup? Also, is there a fix for the Ethernet needing a reboot, I remember having the same issue in Linux where if a cable was unplugged the system needed restarting to find the network. Is there a way to make os x automatically reconnect like windows does?
  2. Got it all working thanks,it needed a few mods to the bootloader, nothing serious. The current kernel seems to run fine without any patching
  3. Thanks for that, I googled that flag and my GPU and came up with this which works: GraphicsEnabler=Yes IntelAzulFB=10 Do I need the GraphicsEnabler=Yes flag? It now works swimmingly I will try to edit the bootloader to do this every time Now I have got it working I decided to update to 10.9.5 - I figured if I was going to break my install I would do it now, is there anything I should know? I figured out I need to re-enable TRIM already and I'll need multi beast to do that but is there anything else I need to be aware of?
  4. Managed to fix this very quickly, verbose booting showed it was something to do with BluetoothHCI that it was getting stuck on, a quick google and I booted successfully using -v -x
  5. Hi all I have installed Niresh from USB and all seemingly went well. I installed to a 2nd partiton on my SSD (which also has Windows 7) Spec is as follows: CPU: i7 4770 Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3 SSD: Crucial m4 120GB USB Mouse PS/2 Keyboard 4x 4GB Crucial RAM Built in GPU When I installed I left all of the custom options on the defaults and I have not used any boot flags On install the system restarted and I picked Mac OSX to boot, however, it got to a grey screen with a silver apple logo and a loading circle and it is just stuck on this. Does anybody know what I have done wrong as I thought this hardware was really well supported out the box
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