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  1. everything works great on Maverick, thanks for your help now I'm using Maverick didn't try it yet. Hope It's work
  2. Now -v not quit work anymore sadly i think I might downgrade to 10.9.x untill yosemite is more stayable.
  3. I did try that... not works. Looks like the best way at this time is -v
  4. after the hackintosh zone logo with the loading bar my monitor shows "no signal" message and everything goes black. but when I press some of the key there's have a sound responded... sometime I can boot as normal, sometime its goes like I said. I've tried nv_disable=1 its works but very bad graphic. and i've tried -v its also works like normally boot but I'm not sure this will always work. any thought or solutions? Intel I7 2600k 8GB DDR3 (2*4) Asus P8Z77-V Asus Geforce GTX 590 SSD 128GB ps1. everything works fine when I was used Maverick. ps2. Is there anyway to set clover countdown and boot like Maverick version? ps3. sorry for my english, its wasn't my main language. Thanks for help.
  5. Hi guys, I would like to use Windows together with OSX but I can not run bootcamp. It says "you must update your computer's boot rom firmware before using this setup assistant." and I tried install the windows to another drive but it's not working. What can I do if I want to use the windows also. Thanks for the help, Sorry for my english.
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