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  1. Lenovo T410 Intel i5 CPU (M520 @ 2.4Ghz) 6Gb memory 256gb SSD Intel graphics ====== I am trying to install Mavericks using the USB method. I am able to run the installer, but halfway thru installation the installer hangs. When i try to run the installer with -v command, the installer hangs at the following section: [AGPM Controller] unknownPlatforms this is the same error as posted in https://www.hackintoshzone.com/topic/408-agpm-controller-unknown-platform-mavericks/ I have tried to followed the recommended posted in the response from Niresh on the above thread, but when i try to issue the "mount -uw /" (without ""), i get the following error: disk2s2: device is write locked how do i remove this "write lock" . Some guidance would be appreciated.
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