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  1. Thanks guys for your responses. Is there a command to make the cpu look like an older one for the VMWare? I tried setting up but it gets locked on the apple loading screen during the initial setup.
  2. Hello I have a mavericks installed with updates running on virtual box. I gave it 10 gb of ram and 4 cpus. It is running very slow. No difference between giving it 2 cpu's and 4gb of ram and current specs. Any recommendations? There is lag saving even text files. The safrai browser on the left of the screen also flickers. I have an i7-4700MQ 2.4ghz Haswell cpu, that I had to trick virutalbox thinking it was a older one with the cmd line to install. I have 24gb of ram on my computer. Any feedback greatly accepted, as I'm a newbie. I prefer to use a virtual machine as Im working in between mac and windows at the same time By far the worst window to open is "launchpad" it takes about 3-5 min to settle loading and I will be able to see the mouse move again... Also no big deal, just curious, when going to about this mac, it shows a full gray screen for 30 sec then goes back to the desktop. Anyone else's do this? Thanks in advance -Nick Notes: My laptop is an Toshiba P75-A7200 . I didn't find any info on the web for having a mavericks vm run on this laptop. So if you have the same model, run the cmd to make virtual box think its an older cpu and disable the built in Bluetooth, and install a usb 2.0 Bluetooth adapter and attach it in virtual box. This was how I finally got it up and installed.
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