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  1. I found a work around for the problem, for those of us who are not programmers and are taking a while to learn how to replace the kexts needed to fix the problem. I found a video showing how a guy tried the Virtual 5.1-surround USB 2.0 External Sound Card, a usb device, to get rid of the hiss.( less than 2 dollars on Amazon, ships from China) I had a Syba SD-CM-UAUD Sound card laying around, and it worked! (7 dollars from Newegg and ships in days, not weeks) It gives me time to learn how to replace the files needed to get the problem fixed, at my leisure, and without the frustration of that constant hiss.
  2. I have the i5-3570K Ivy Bridge and had the same problem when using the onboard graphics. I went with a ASUS GTX650TI-O-1GD5 video card, using the DVI port, and the install worked. The software doen't like the onboard graphics. I am booting with an HDMI (at the monitor) to DVI cable and still no problem. I also ran into an ethernet problem, or so I thought, during the first install. After the first reboot it works, evidently the os needed to update first. I don't know if this will work for the Haswell version. Good Luck!
  3. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/927392 This has the instructions for fixing your Master Boot Record so Windows will start,at least with Linux uninstalls. Hopefully it will work here. I've used it to get rid of GRUB boot and go back to the normal WIndows start up. bootrec.exe /fixmbr should be all you need to do.
  4. GA-B75M-D3h motherboard i5-3570k ivy bridge CPU Asus GTX650 Ti-0-1GD5 Video Card GSKILL 8gig(2x4gig) DDR3 1866 memory WD 1tb black Hard Drive. Initially I tried to install Yosemite 10.10 without the Asus video card. I came up with an undefined error and then the AppleTYMCEBackup.pkg error right at the end of the install. I tried a new OS download, a different usb port and a different jump drive. I then decided the last thing left to try was to install the Asus card after disabling the onboard video. Loaded right up first try. What iI have yet to get running is the internet. The only option under the network dialog available to use is dial-up, all other options are greyed out. I haven't tried the All in One Network solution from Niresh yet, I hope it helps. I did see during the initial working install, options to manually input ethernet settings, since I did not have them at that time, I selected none and planned to input in after the OS was finished installing. Maybe a bad idea, don't know enough to make that call at this time. I've attached the event log for the failed install. Evidently Yosemite did not like playing with the Intel graphics. Any help with the ethernet- internet problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Installer Log 01-18-15 Apple TYMCEBackup.pkg error.txt
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