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  1. HI all, good day. I like YOSEMITE, after install, have a problem... the INTEL SOUND not starts... the MOBO is: GA-Z77M-D3H - Gigabyte - I5 and 8gram. I have a 10.9 working fine in another partition. HAVE A HELP to me? I like to work only YOSEMITE in my PC HACK.... I waiting for... thanks for attention...
  2. dukkas


    i am write the: HPFS and the correct is MAC OS Expanded (chronical). THanks for all helped me... i waiting.
  3. I installed a YOSEMITE, i download all files, make a USB disk bootable, partitioned the HD with a partition exclusive to YOSEMITE. Formated the partition in HPFS format for mac and instaled OK. After installed, the boot appear, and i select YOSEMITE to boot, but it´s send the message: cant locate mach_kernel PLease help me to resolve it and test the YOSEMITE in my PC. I have: I5 GIGABYTE BOARD 6400 1g RADEON video board HD 1t: GPUID - Partitiones: WINDOWS, MAC 10.9, DOCS and YOSEMITE now. Thanks for all for support. i waiting for long time to see YOSEMITE, and do not understanding the problem... i am a windows user and i am study to change to mac...
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