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  1. Wayne Koster

    Can I install Mac OS X?

    I got the initial install done without errors. At the end of the install it asked to restart to finish the setup of OS X, but I'm getting stuck on some bluetooth controller error? I read that it has to do with my graphics card but npci=0x2000 or 3000 didnt work or whatever the flag is (cant remember off the top of my head) -x freezes where caps lock doesnt work and dart=0 doesnt work. Any ideas?
  2. Wayne Koster

    Can I install Mac OS X?

    My computer is as follows: Mobo: Asrock z77 extreme6 CPU: 3570k GPU: MSI GTX 970
  3. This is my dxdiag Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Wayne Koster

    GTX 550ti

    Does anyone have the GTX550ti working? I had it working a while back but haven't messed with Hackintosh in a bit. Just wondering if there has been any updates on this card even though it is old. I remember it was quite a hassle getting it to work.