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  1. Hey everyone iv installed on multiple systems got everything working but the graphics internet and sound work fine but the browsers are flashy and laggy? im assume its the graphics please help! intel i5 4th gen gigabye g1 sniper z87 killer board 8gb corsair ram radeon hd 7970 3gb gpu
  2. Alright to maverics installed perfectly fine on my custom PC with no codes needed the only problem I have is the lag, watchin a video or something lags pretty bad and doing things in general and it's not a slow computer, I'm running 8 gigs of ram with a 2nd gen core i5 on a gigabyte board with Intel had graphics, I took my 2 gb sapphire 7850 out because I read it was not compatible and thought it would fix the problem But did not,,, any help would be great!
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