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  1. Ya its fine @weeman282... But i am an Graphics artist who works with videos and animations... looking to use Hackintosh to work with FCP and Motion softwares... That's why i said like that... mm... i hope soon there will be a solution for this,... any how, thank you so much for your reply...
  2. @weeman282 SO, My Hackintosh is not going to help me??? If not nVidia working, my Hackintosh is waste... any one.... Please find the solution...
  3. Yes Got it... GT 720m Supports Optimus Technology... How should i make it happen??? i need it to work for my Graphics works... please help me dear friend... @sloeberGJ
  4. ya it has internal shared Graphics, Intel HD 4400 and i dont know about optimus... How should i check that?? Please help me... i am not a geek freind... Please...
  5. Hai every one.. i use ASUS X550LC model Laptop and it has i5 Processer 750 GB HDD Intel HD 4400 nVidia GeForce GT720m i am able to install Mavericks in My laptop... but i dont know how to enable the complete acceleration of Both Graphics cards... and Audio goes terrible.. i wanna use FCP and some Graphics software in my Hackintosh... Please any one help me, how to do this as step by step... i searched everywhere but i am not able to find the right one... Please Help me guys...
  6. in My Windows Driver CD Says, Realtek_Audio_Driver (ALC269_ALC663_ALC680_ALC277_ALC282_ALC668_ALC3229_ALC3236) I did found for ALC269 in Niresh... But i am having the Chopy Audio Problem...
  7. Dear ones, i have installed Mavericks in my ASUS X550LC Laptop with i5, 8GB, 750GB, GT 720m, Intel HD4400... My Touch Pad is not working... any help???
  8. Ya Fine.... Thank you.. actually, when i install OS, i disabled Audio Driver option and found the Driver Kext and installed it.. but you know, My Audio is not proper... it sounds like "Dar Dar.." also My Audio Jacks are not working.. and also, when i use QuickTime for the movie... the window starts blinking... i don't know why.. can you help me??
  9. Dear Buddies... i have installed Maverick in my ASUS X550LC and the rig is i5 8GB 750GB GT720M - 2GB Intel HD4400 when i start it with -x command it goes well but when i start with chemilion it says like this IOAudioFamily (1.9.4f..... what should i do?? Please help me...
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