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  1. After security update 002-2015 installed, there is a problem with touchpad. İ'm using Lenovo Y550. Everything works fine until i touch the touchpad. i tried to delete and reinstall kexts/tried different kexts but nothing work. here is the video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hulcacen11plwpp/touchpad%20problem.mp4?dl=0
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qz4ytidd1uj9yjm/20141025_133849.mp4?dl=0 Here is the video, i upgraded from mavericks to yosemite. Unfortunately my lenovo y550 can't boot by itself. After kexts loaded, it restart suddenly. i can boot with my usb drive with chameleon or clover in my USB drive but no luck without it. what can i do at this time?
  3. i can't find a way to control the brightness and i try some kexts but they didn't work. in system settings screen section, there is no brightness slider or smt. brightness is full now and kill my eyes, is there any way to decrease it?
  4. i fix that problem by removing appleHPET.kext in extensions
  5. i have lenovo y550 ideapad, i had 10.9.2 and there was no problem with usb ports but after the update 10.9.3, one of the usb port are not working now. when i connect usb disk, it open up its light but system does not recognize it. how can i fix that problem? thanks for the answers...
  6. My cpu is about to 2,52 ghz core 2 duo. In about this mac menu, my cpu was 2.52ghz. After the installation of 240gb ssd, mac displays its cpu is 4.3 ghz. is this because of turbo boost or something or just fake? and the system report says this:
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