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  1. If the file can be opened by HFS Explorer, doesn't that mean by default the checksum works out? I'm (extremely) weak on the back end coding side of things, but I wonder if it's down to the size of the file. It's currently on a FAT32 drive. Is there a way I can format a partition of my hard drive and flash drive that can facilitate it being read and set up as a bootable flash drive?
  2. I just ran MD5 and got a checksum of 032722754cd63ea9befb9a5c09e9e612
  3. Hi guys, So I decided to try out OSX on my desktop. I've got a brain wave to build an app, and since XCode is Mac only as well as the fact I don't want to plunk $1000 on a decent Mac laptop that I'd use OSX to code and then Windows for everything else, a Hackintosh seemed like a good idea. I grabbed VirtualBox, and it took a good 15-20 installation attempts to get it correct, but I got Mavericks up and running in VirtualBox. However, the lack of video memory is killing me (I went to the command line and upped the video memory to 256 Mb, and it still chugs along poorly), so I figured that a true hardware installation would have Mavericks up and running quite well. My spec are MSI 890 GXM-G65 AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 8 GB RAM Radeon HD6800 Video card PNY 32GB Flash drive I've prepared my desktop for dual boot and have everything in place, but it's all gone undone when it comes to creating a bootable USB. I downloaded both the .iso and .dmg versions of the Mavericks distro, and I can't get a bootable USB to, well, boot. I've used Win32 Disk Imager with the .iso, and it makes it OK apart from telling me I'm might physically damage the media by making a bootable USB, and it didn't boot. I choose the USB drive and just get a blinking Cursor. I tried PowerISO to mount the .iso, but it won't recognize any USB Drives at all (Big enough or not). Oh well, I downloaded the .dmg, so I could just install using that. So I tried TransMac with the .dmg and when I go to open it, I get a dialog box saying "Could not open file". So I wonder if it's because of the size of the file (I know FAT32 can't handle a 5 GB+ file) or maybe it's a corrupted download. So I delete the file, re-download a new torrent, and download the .dmg again. I get the same error and I wanted to see what was up with the file as best as I could on a Windows machine without a Mac in sight. I downloaded DMG Extractor and tried to open the file. When I did try to open the .dmg, I got the following error: "Error: The specified file (Mbr) is not recognized as DMG format" I went looking around with that error (Something with the size of the file might be the issue with the Master Boot Record) and I found a problem called HFSExplorer and tried to open the .dmg. It opens and I can see everything in the file. So it isn't an issue with a corrupted file but instead the file is perhaps just too big. So my question is how can I make a bootable copy of the distro? Do I need to somehow format the Flash drive to a format that can just handle the 5.2 GB file? Is there a program that can create a bootable copy of the USB in Windows? Has anyone had the same issue and got around it? Thanks so much.
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