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  1. Sorry for the delay guys... here you go
  2. Sorry, I am quite new, how do I take a picture of my system when it is booting, and where are the images stored?
  3. Hello, I'm new to macs and hackintoshes, This is my first dual boot hackintosh build and managed to install Niresh mavericks using a USB key on a secondary hard disk drive. However, when i reboot, i manage to get the "system uptime in nanoseconds error". I have looked around forums and tried various methods people have suggested, but for a few days I have unable to get rid of this error and only manage to boot into my system when i boot from the USB. Keep in mind, I greatly appreciate any help you guys offer, but I am fairly new to hackintoshs and that sort or programming, so I might request to clarify certain steps if i cannot figure them out. That being said, I do know the basics. Aside from that, everything works, my drivers installed correctly, my internet, my resolution, just at times i get the static buzzing noise but i was able to fix that through system preferences. Thank you very much, and any help would be greatly appreciated.
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