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  1. managed to get it to boot using a iboot disk, but when i click on the install, it decides to restart my pc, what should i do now?
  2. i couldn't figure out how to turn it into legacy or the USB settings?
  3. i will try this now, i will keep you updated
  4. Before, it just sits there, ive tried many times and its getting frustrating
  5. Iv'e followed the guides perfectly as far as i can see, everytime i try and boot from my kingston usb with niresh mavericks installed, it comes up with a blinking underscore and stay's that way. ive been trying for many days to get this working and its really starting to frustrate me! please help? windows 7 home premium 64 bit intel core i5-2320 asus p8h61-m motherboard saphire 7850 gpu
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