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  1. @neomi I'm sorry, I completely forgot about this. The answer is no, it does not work. First generation bay trail hardware such as the asus t100 and the tablet I got are accompanied by 32-bit UEFI firmware, and while 64-bit Linux is fine with this, Mac OS X (only 64-bit nowadays) and Windows-64 cannot be convinced to run on such firmware. Not to mention the fact that Gen7 (and by extension, Gen8) Intel HD graphics from the ATOM family of processors are not compatible with OS X, making any attempts at hardware acceleration futile, although this may change in the future. Also, the myriad of ever changing hardware in bay-cherry trail devices makes any drivers created much less likely to be compatible with other devices that may have the same SOC but slightly different internals.
  2. I'm getting a baytrail tablet today!!! I'll be trying out Niresh's mavericks on it I'll let you know how it went.
  3. I don't know the answer to the other problems, but have you checked your Voodoo sound settings? maybe you accidentally turned sound off.
  4. I solved this by downgrading to Niresh's Mavericks. the USB kexts from Yosemite are incompatible with a LOT of legacy hardware.
  5. Thank you nobody for help. (jk XD) I fixed this issue by switching to Niresh's Mavericks. After decompiling a few USB kexts, I realized that there was a shmorgishborg of incompatibilities with the USB hardware my laptop has. After I switched to Mavericks, I made sure not to update, because all the Mavericks updates carry the incompatible USB kexts. After I fixed the USB problem, my IntelHD problem went away after I Downloaded the QE/CI drivers for Mavericks 10.9. I still would like to know If we could have the "Log in with Google" option restored to the login screen... please?
  6. How do I delete a topic? I gave up on the Optiplex, I got an Inspiron working marvelously the other day, and the Appstore doesn't have this problem on that laptop.
  7. The hardware specs you gave are compatible, but do you have a blank HDD? You won't be able to dual-boot unless you have an empty partition or empty HDD/SDD because Windows 8 BSOD's if you re-size the system partition. Other than that, you are good to go, Good Luck! I recommend starting out with this distro, it is easy to use, comes with it's own step by step instructions, and completely supports your hardware.
  8. You can't IMAGINE how pleased I was when I first found out that a Yosemite distro had been released by my favorite Hackintosh developers Unfortunately, I have a few issues... First of all, Installation and first-boot are smooth as glass. I get through setup, create my user account, ect... But no matter WHAT I DO (safe-mode works) I can't boot a second time, I always get stuck on "USBSMC Identifier: (non unique)" [-f works, but that's no way to live ] Since I found a way to boot regular (Removing all USB related kexts) I decided to install the 1st gen IntelHD QECI kexts for my graphics card. I tried every single framebuffer in that folder, but they all leave my screen looking like it had a stroke. Also, I would like to know who's decision it was to remove the "Log in with google" option. You have managed to upset the only guy here who uses just Google+ (It took me two weeks to figure out how to recover my password ) Specs: Dell inspiron 1121 Intel Core i3 330UM (Arrendale) Intel® HD Graphics (0x0046) 3 GB RAM P.S. I realize that 4 GB is the minimum RAM, but Yosemite CAN AND DOES work with only 3 GB.
  9. I would like to point out that if you remove all the "IOUSB*" kexts from /System/Library/Extensions you can successfully boot, but you won't have USB support. I have the same problem, and I haven't found a viable solution yet.
  10. So, the other day I bought a new laptop, the Asus X551MA. I've tried iATKOS ML3U-UEFI, but I ran into a stonewall (stuck at "root device uuid is"). When I used Clover UEFI bootloader with the USB version of Niresh OS X 10.9, I got the message "This version of OS X is not compatible with your system Reason: X551MA"
  11. To answer your question, possibly. There is no definite answer, it really depends on the hardware that comes along with your bay-trail processor. It might take a bit of tinkering, but the AsusT100 series should be compatible in general.
  12. Dear Niresh/Community, I had a wild ride with my recent installation of Niresh's Mavericks... (https://www.hackintoshzone.com/topic/2697-vnidia-geforce-210-black-screen-niresh-1090/) However the fun has not gone away. I got everything working fine, then I opened the AppStore. When I tried to sign in, I got the message "your device or computer cannot be verified. Contact support for assistance". I need help to install apps from the App Store. I appreciate any help given, thank you for your time. To be clear, this "bug" also occurred in Mac OS X 10.9.0 and 10.9.2 I have already tried everything pertaining to the "NetworkInterfaces.plist" file and SMBios. I use the Clover bootloader (chameleon does NOT work with my config, I have tried many times) so any chameleon related answers might not work. My specs. -OS X 10.9.3 -Dell Optiplex 330 -2 GB 664 MHz DDR2 SDRAM -nVidia GeForce 210 PCIEx graphics -Intel Pentium Dual Core (64) 2.00 GHz, 2.00 GHz
  13. @deepak; I have decided to mark this topic as solved, thank you for all of your help.
  14. @2quignot Step 1 - Install latest possible drivers/kexts for your graphics model Step 2 - Update to the latest available OS X Step 3 - Enable QuartzGL with "OSX86 tools" Step 4 - Add the following to your Org.chameleon.plist file... <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1366x768x32</string> If the above steps don't work, give me your graphics card model and I'll try to find drivers for it.
  15. @ @Deepak I fixed everything!!! Here's how: I was looking around and found that nVidia made specific mac drivers for my model, however my intel chipset was not supported. I got frustrated and decided to update to OS X 10.9.2. As soon as I rebooted into the update (It worked OOB, surprisingly I did not have to do anything for the update to work) and as soon as I did, this driver auto-configured itself and changed to my native 1440x900 res. I repeat, install CUDA drivers/then OS X 10.9.2 update/then reboot! that's all I had to do! I logged on and it all fell into place like a miracle! It fixed everything! I can even play nanosaur II and Minecraft! Should I write this down for any others wishing to make a Dell Optiplex 330 Hackintosh? (btw, this is a windows XP computer, lol).
  16. @navee28 If you use the ISO version with a USB then it would still get to the apple logo, it just uses a different driver set. I would try installing this- -https://www.hackintoshzone.com/files/file/75-niresh-mavericks/ In the mean time, I would use Ubuntu as a secondary OS, it's good for the in-between stages from Windows to Mac OS X.
  17. @navee28 If you wrote the ISO version onto a USB, it would not boot.
  18. @navee28 Did you use the ISO version or the USB version, there is a difference.
  19. @navee28 Your processor meets the minimum (dang near bottom line) requirements for this distro, however, Niresh's ML is not as good as his Mavericks. If you are stuck on Mountain Lion, I would go with Iatkos ML2. That being said, you could also try (Hackintosh Mavericks). The USB version of Mavericks is actually a more stable distro. If you need any more help, i'll make a tutorial for you. @ If I make a tutorial, can I link it from YouTube to this post?
  20. @navee28 What is your laptop make and model, there is a chance that ACHI is all you will need. Now, which distro did you try: if you tried one that is incompatible with your laptop, we may be able to point you in the right direction.
  21. That's a kernel panic, re-installing with a different kernel would be my best guess. And, I successfully installed Mavericks on my Dell optiplex 330, the USB version worked for me. What trouble did you have with it? (EDIT): Although, when I look at it, it looks like your configuration is incorrect. did you take the steps to configure your bios/bootloader?
  22. Dear Niresh/Community, I decided I would add to my arsenal of os's and try out a hackintosh. I ran into a big problem, and desperately need help. My specs. -Dell Optiplex 330 -2 GB 664 MHz DDR2 SDRAM -Intel Pentium Dual Core (64) 2.00 GHz, 2.00 GHz -nVidia GeForce 210 PCIEx graphics (Integrated Intel HD graphics) -3 monitors, all with the same result. (Toshiba HDTV, viewsonic va1930wm, HP Vs17e) I downloaded and successfully installed Niresh's OS X 10.9 from here. Everything went smoothly until the install finished and the computer rebooted. After the reboot, I see the normal startup screen/apple logo. This is where it gets interesting, my monitor reports "No Signal" as soon as the nVidia drivers are loaded in preparation for logon. I reboot using only integrated graphics, and it works like a charm. Is there some way I can use my nVidia card with my Hackintosh? (EDIT): I fixed my problem by switching to the Clover os x bootloader, from chameleon. However there are a few other problems I've been wondering about. I'm now using the nVidia GeForce 210 with QuartzGL enabled, however, I can't change the resolution (stuck at 1024x768 on a 1440x900 monitor). I also noticed that certain visual elements on the screen have a habit of flashing rapidly as they update (IE; A loading webpage). My final bug is one I've heard a lot about, my mouse will stay behind as I drag a window. Can anyone help me with these problems? -Just a note, all of these last stated problems are present on both the nVidia and integrated graphics systems.
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