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  1. Here are my full specs, straight from aida64 Click here Now, time for the problems. Bootloaders didn't work, it said boot0:error The sound was kinda weird sometimes. Dual booting didn't work, booting into windows said files not found something something I also had a kernel panic saying something like "cpu incorrect/not supported" when setting it up, booting with "-x -f -v -blacklist GraphicsEnabler=No" or something like that fixed it. Everything else worked just as promised, but I switched back to windows because I had problems booting and 85% of the apps i use aren't made for os x.
  2. I installed windows again, it was causing way too many problems. Thank you for all the hard work you did.
  3. @ I think I'm gonna reinstall windows, this is causing way too many problems...
  4. @ I want you to tell me your SKYPE name if you have one. Anyways does that bootloader support amdfx?
  5. @ Do you have skype or steam or somewhere we can chat together? It kinda takes too long for me or you to reply on those forums. PM me your skype/steam name if you can.
  6. I think I may switch back to windows 8.1, this is causing way too many problems... Like I get super low FPS on minecraft and gmod's font is unreadable...
  7. @ I'm using a desktop tower pc, not sure how to install it manually.
  8. @ Alright, I tried installing chameleon and clover and it still says "boot0: error" Maybe I need to remove the previous version? Tell me how if I need to.
  9. @ I won't need to reinstall os x or do anything like that, right?
  10. @ I didn't try that, how do I do that?
  11. I installed os x mavericks on my computer and the bootloader just won't work. It says "boot0: error" when I try to boot. I can still boot to os x with the installation usb disk which lets me select which OS to boot into. Also, dual-booting doesn't work. It says can't find some files and if I boot from "system reserved", it starts showing the usual windows 8.1 boot screen, then it shows the BSOD and immediately restarts. I can't even read what it said since it was so fast. Will inserting a recovery disk and pressing repair my computer screw up os x?
  12. the same thing happend to me in vmware, but it's almost fully functioning on my desktop pc
  13. Aleks

    Strange sound

    I was messing around and I fixed it. I went to system preferences, sound, output and selected the "green rear" option which is where my headphones are plugged in.
  14. Aleks

    Strange sound

    I kinda fixed it, the static noise is lower volume now. But sound only plays from my left ear of my headphones. How do I solve that? EDIT: I also couldn't get the bootloader working during installation, I have to boot it from my USB. It says boot0:error when I try booting without my USB. EDIT #2: I increased to input gain and it works from both ears, but I'm getting the static noise again...

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