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  1. Hello Niresh, The log doesn't say anything like that. Here's the full log.. Any idea! Thank you
  2. Hello Niresh, The installer is showing me this when the whole installation is complete. Right before finishing it's failing Any suggestions?
  3. Hello Niresh, Not yet. Also I got the Graphics card recently so haven't tried afterwards. I will go ahead and try with this one also and if I run into any issues, I'll mark them down for you guys. Thanks for the suggestion Best regards My PC is supported though, right? I mean I'm mostly concerned about weather my PC is supported or not.
  4. Hello Guys, I've been fighting to install Hackintosh in my pc for months. I had no success so finally I'm coming to you guys for suggestion and help. I'm not really sure if my PC is even supported or not. There are too many calculations and basically I'm a noob in hackintosh. Here's my PC specifiction: Processor: Core i-5 6th Gen 6500 RAM: Corsair DDR4 2400 16GB RAM Motherboard: MSI Z170M MORTAR Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 1050TI 4GB DDR5 I have tried a lot but I had no success whatsoever. Could you guys please help me out? I want to install Sierra or Yosemite. Vmware installation works but that doesn't give me the full joy of using MacOS. Thanks in advanced. Best regards.
  5. Hello Everyone, Today I installed Niresh Mavericks. Everything is running very well. The only and most frustrating problem I'm having is the graphics problem I don't have any Graphics card. Only built in graphics. I hope you can give me suggestion on how to fix this issue. Check the screenshot for my PC configuration. Processor: Intel Core i3 Motherboard: Foxconn H61 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics RAM: 6GB DDR3 Please let me know if you need any more information. Thank you
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