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  1. So, I have installed niresh 10.9.0 and in the past updated with 10.9.2 with no problems. Now I have a fresh installation of 10.9.0 by niresh, but after updated to 10.9.3 I have lost usb control. I can't see any info in system informations, probably there isn't more the correct kext. My pc is an Hp notebook with 2.0 usb. How can I do to enable again usb ?
  2. Solved with voodoo battery and acpiplataform. The percentage is accurate, the icon doesn't show it with step of 1% but with casual steps. Anyway better than nothing
  3. Ok, so, thanks to Niresh job, I have a full working and very fast Mac Os pc I need just a thing to get everithing perfect: battery status. When I check it in power saver option, the flags itself goes away and of course I don't see any indicator, but the battery works, and also for long time, I just want to see the time or the percentage in the upper bar. How can I fix this little problem ?
  4. My system works so well with niresh 10.9.0 and I'm not too sure to update after reading this problem. However, any chance to see a new Niresh distribution with 10.9.2 ?
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