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  1. So I just installed Mojave on my laptop and I found out that both wifi and Ethernet are not functional, when I try to change volume it shows the "Do Not" symbol. I don't know what todo since I'm not a professional at macOS. I would like to get a response in about 24 hours because the hard disk will be erased with Windows 8.1. Please help... Retro.
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply, I got it to boot MacOS and as we speak, I am currently installing the operating system, but just one question. Will MacOS use just one core because the cpu is a quad-core and I expect for macOS to run great. I would like to get a answer because I'm leaving windows behind and use MACOS. Thanks either way, Retro.
  3. So i tried to at least run mojave on my IdeaPad 110-15ACL, and i got this error message about ACPI. I Couldn't take a good picture because camera shit...anyways heres a part of the picture the first word in the picture is ACPI and the rest is readable. if anyone can help, please. i want to get that glorious dark mode in macos and i would like to use macos for a bit. thank for support -Retro P.S. spelling mistake was on purpose
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