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  1. After I complete the Naresh install via bootable USB and eventually get to the desktop... I next want to start working on getting my ALC892 audio drivers working. Just to confirm. 1) download AppleALC.kext and LiLu.kext, put them in the correct location 2) download Clover Configurator 3) Q: Is Clover itself already installed in the base Naresh install??? 4) go to the EFI part and open config.plist 5) go through the various number "injects", one at a time, rebooting in between and then testing the audio? for example, my board has ALC892. I am presuming I need to inject 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 28, 92, 99 -- one at a time, then reboot, get back into MacOS and try the audio. If the audio doesn't work, I go on to inject the next number, and keep repeating until the audio finally works. Is this correct?
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