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  1. Hello guys! Finally I was able to install the High Sierra version of macOS on my PC. The problem is that I can not install my video card which is an RX 460 and with that the video memory is only 3 MB and it becomes impracticable to use the system. Has anyone ever had such problems with AMD video cards and managed to solve it? If so, what was needed? Some forums and videos I've tried: I thank the help of all you! Walison
  2. @Ibrosious, thank you! Finally worked out with their hint the High Sierra. Do you have any suggestions for installing Mojave? The image of the maximum that I got, is also in the first post. Thank you one more time! Walison
  3. I followed your recommendations and the following occurred: Any other suggestions? npci = 0x2000 and npci = 0x3000 the result was the same. It was something like an infinite loop. I await new help.
  4. @Niresh, you say in the case of the attempted installation of High Sierra, right? And can you give me an example of how to use this command? Do you have any suggestions to try to correct the error of Mojave installation attempts?
  5. Hello guys! I'm trying to install macOS High Sierra and Mojave but so far it has not been successful. So I came to ask for your help and also to describe my hardware to see if it is possible. Processor: AMD FX8320E Motherboard: 970A-G / 3.1 Video Card: RX460 4GB The versions I'm trying to install are on the links: I'm sorry for English, but it actually used a translator. Attached some pictures of the above two installation attempts. Remembering that there were several attempts in each of the versions. Thank you! Walison Mojave High Sierra
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