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  1. I Did not quite understand. When / where press number 2? Right.. my steps: Already unistall WebDrive. Reboot. Screen enter bios load "America Megatrends.. blah blah..." Boot on Sandisk SSD 240 that show "Darwin/Enoch" with my ssd select and listed other hds and boot optios to arguments. How can ai atach a videolink here?
  2. Hey! Thanks, sr. You are slowly becoming a legend in the hackintosh world. 👋 Well, my doubt in this moment is what my bootloader. In the installation, i choose chameleon, that make possible keep going... But when i enter boot, the screen show me Darwin/Enoch.. In the Os default disk, i have efi folder with clover In the EFI partition i just have a Apple Folder I miss something... 💀 I have some printscren, but a cannot attach or link here Thanks for attention and patience.
  3. Hello Administrators and everyone. First, thanks for the distros and for the time spent with questions here. This make the process of installation more easy. A lot! Well, my installation with Sierra Hackzone works after i change configs bootloader from "default" to "chamaeleon". Without this, i got a error in the begining.. After this, install gave me a error at the end, but after reboot, system is ok. Start fine. Install It´s Ok Wif Card is working Sound a litle bit annoying.. but its heardable. My problem now is that I cannot solve nVidia GeForce GT 730 to work correctly. I´ve follow the procedures for config.plist with in this link: https://www.hackintosh.computer/929/nvidia-web-driver and I installed nVidia webdrive, but it dont change from "OS" to "Nvidia". I switch, ask me to reboot, reboot, and nothing. I do some changes with Clover Configurator, disable "nvda_drv=1" and onther procedures... and nothing Try "sudo grafix replace all" and return "command not found" So, i am a bit lost. My config: Core i5 3450 3.10Ghz Biostar IH61MF-Q5 8Gb DDR3 / 2x 4Gb Nvidia GeForce GT 730 2Gb DDR3 SanDisk SSD PLUS 240Gb Any Advice / Help will be apreciated. Sorry for english. Thanks in advance and hugs from BRazil.
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