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  1. I found usb mouse and it works!!! But it want to keyboard. I only have PS/2 keyboard no usb.
  2. Hello. When install starts it says to connect magic trackpad or mouse. But i dont have this things. I dunno what i have to do. Help plz
  3. Hello. Instalation Yosemite is freezing after 2 minutes. I dont know what the problem is. I can enter in setup, i can setup disk then when i start installing, after 2 minutes it freeze. My pc is very old but, i can install hacintosh. (Probaly) Dell Inspiron 1525 Specs: CPU: Intel core 2 duo 8100T Memory: 3 GB BIOS: Non-UEFI (EFI), Non-CSM Graphics: Intel GMA 965 (Its soooooo old))) I tried many boot arguments but no. It refuse to install. I dont know what i need to do(( Sorry for my English. I'm Ukrainian) Help plz.
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