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  1. I would suggest you try using a Clover based solution, as it seems you're having the typical issue Chameleon has with newer drives. Or try swapping in an older smaller drive.
  2. The open Beta Preview just came out yesterday. Try working with that.
  3. That's not true, but I think that if what you're installing is a stock Pavillion it's not going to go anywhere. I don't think you have the chipset to make this fly.
  4. Dual booting Mac OS and Windows on the same unit can run into this common problem... especially if the machine was first configured to run windows. This article from MacBreaker describes the problem and the fix. I have successfully applied this myself and it solved this problem on my build. Here's an excerpt. If your Hackintosh is like mine, in which you installed Windows first before installing Mac OS X on a separate hard drive, then you'll notice that you can no longer boot Windows once you've changed the BIOS to AHCI mode (which is necessary for the Mac OS X install). This is because Windows turns off AHCI mode support if you install it while your BIOS is in SATA mode (which is what Gigabyte motherboards call it). Technically, it's recommended that you always switch to AHCI mode before installing any operating system, but how in the world were you and I supposed to know that? Jump past the break[click the link above] to learn how to solve the issue.
  5. Does Disk Utility see your hard drive? You need to use Disk Utility to partition and format it first. As far as your AHCI problems the reason you're having them and the fix for that are described in this article, which I have applied successfully.
  6. Short answer... yes. I've done it. Long answer, may depend on the rest of your hardware.
  7. You should describe the rest of your build as it probably has something to do with your problem. I run two monitors off of the Radeon in my gigabyte setup with no problem. You also need to be specific as to how you're plugging your monitors in, which port, which is your boot up port, etc.
  8. You need to make registry adjustments in windows. Go to this article here:
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