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  1. Hi guys, Im new to hackintosh world. I successfully installed yosemite zone on my asus PC, but I have several questions 1, When I try to boot with clover, i recive apple logo screen with progress bar and a circle bellow the progress bar so I think my clover is not properly configured, but I don't know how to configured it well (I use default config file) 2. I would like to check, condition of my mac ( do I have all kext;s installed , are there any errors , problems etc) is there any program like device manager in windows? witch will show all devices and problem with kexts?, or how can i check that?? 3. My dvd-rom is flashing from time to time (light on the front is pulsing from time to time , it looks like he checks, that dvd is inside or not ), why, and how to solve this. 4. My usb mouse is lagging.... its anoying.. please help.. my spec: motherboard : asus h81m-k processor : core i5 4690 graphic card : ge -force gtx 660 2gb memory : 8gig 1600 mhz silicon network: realtek 8111 g Audio : alc887 It would be cool if someone will write how to properly configure clover with this specs, because Im afraid to mainor updates form apple store. I have now yosemite 10.10.3, and Im booting with my usb pendrive.
  2. Hi guys , I have similar problem, I updated yosemite today and I have no sound and bluetooth issue, my Audio codec is 887 and my bluuetooth is csr a10 edit 1: I re-installed yosemite_zone with orginal Audio kext and sound came back BUT I have noise when system boot up… so I patched (or updated) voodoohda to newest version AND… no sound again ...

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