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  1. Hi @Niresh Yes I can confirm that theAppleALC.kext is on the extension folder.
  2. @Niresh I'd really love to. Would you mind telling me, how can I do that?
  3. Hi, First timer building a hackintosh here, and using Niresh Mojave Distro, it just works so easy. Thank you for your great stuff. I am installing the hackintosh on a Dell Optiplex 7020 i5 model. After the installation, it seems all is working perfectly fine, except 1 thing. It is the onboard audio. The hackintosh is recognizing the HDMI audio pass through my LG monitor. But it can't recognize the onboard realtek audio. Here's the link for the screenshot of my system audio : https://ibb.co/mczNFmH If anyone could help me in regard of this matter, I'd be really thankful. Thanks
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