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  1. SSorry. My friend's graphics card is zotac 710 2gb not Radeon. And the audio software is pro tools.
  2. I have a dell optiplex 7010 motherboard It's i5 3rd gen 16gb ram I have a gigabyte Nvidia 710 2gb graphics card This graphics card isn't working with mavericks version but, only sierra. I need mavericks cuz I can't use any other version for my audio software. A friend of mine has the same model graphics card, same dell 7010 and everything is same as mine, but only it's Radeon brand 710 2gb graphics card. And it's working perfectly in hackintosh Why doesn't mine work? Can it be because of the brand? If not, what might be the reason? Also, I'm desperate to know a solution to make it work or an alternative graphics card that I could buy that's not too expensive. Pls help.
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