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  1. So, I installed Mojave using integrated GPU without removing RX 460, then I removed the nvram.plist and after that Mojave boots without problems. Then I installed some kexts like Whatevergreen, Lilu, AppleALC etc. The only things remaining to solve is the Sleep Mode and the App Store. Really thanks for help!
  2. Thanks for an answer. I just connected HDMI to motherboard (it was connected on GPU with DisplayPort before), I still get the same error except after 2 seconds, the Apple logo with loading screen shows and the MacOS install menu screen loaded. Do you still recommend to remove nvram.plist even if I'm able to install Mojave? Will I encounter problems by not deleting it?
  3. Hello, I'm first time on this forum, so basically when I wait for the MacOs installer to load, it gets stuck forever until I force restart my PC. In the picture that I uploaded you can see where it reached. I apologize if the pic is a bit blurry. Right now I'm re-restoring the Mojave image to try again. I'm using a Kingston 128GB USB drive plugged on USB 2.0 on motherboard's port. My specs: -CPU: i3-6100 -RAM: 8GB -MOTHERBOARD: MSI H110M Gaming -GPU: Sapphire Radeon RX 460 4GB -HDD: 1TB (Windows 10) + 1TB (empty reserved for Hackintosh). I could successfully boot the installer in the past with other non-Niresh version of Hackintosh Sierra DMG. What is your solution?
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