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  1. @NireshOk, Thanks For The Help Anyway Niresh 🙂
  2. @NireshHere are pictures of some of my bios menu's. Information: https://ibb.co/RzGJzJq Configuration: https://ibb.co/8KS4BDL Thank you for you time, Daniel (AKA uyghuy)
  3. @Niresh Hi Niresh, tried the DellSMBIOSPatch and it dosent work but thanks anyway. According to a website it does support SSE 4.2. Once again, Thank you for you time, Daniel (AKA uyghuy)
  4. Hi, I Recently tried to hackintosh my old laptop. Before even starting the installer, It crashes with a "backtrace" (dont know what this means) and then says Attempting System Restart... MACH Reboot. Ive tried tweaking the BIOS a bit to see if thats the problem but even with the suggested BIOS settings. I Always get the same Crash. Ive also tried using a different USB and that didnt work. Finally i tried testing the USB on my main computer and it boots into the installer just fine. But no luck with my laptop. Can Anyone Help? Image Of Crash: https://ibb.co/7kS5PWm Specs: Lenovo B50-30 Laptop Intel Celeron N2840 2.16GHz 8GB Ram Intel HD Graphics (i cant find out what version... sorry) Thanks for your time, Daniel (AKA uyghuy)
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