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  1. @Niresh i got ethernet working with the e2200 kext for my onboard and a realtek8111 kext for my pcie card. I just had a few other issues i cant get around 1. Audio: i am using 2.9.2 voodooHDA and i have no control over the volume for the spdif output (not sure if this is normal). 2. Turboboost: My cpu only goes up to 3.3 ghz according to Intel Power Gadget, this might have something to do with the "about this Mac" identifying my cpu as a "3.3 GHZ 6 Core Intel Xeon" regardless of what SMBIOS i use. 3. Fake CPUID: If i try use the haswell e fake cpu id i get a reboot after the first few lines of debug code, the last line is just all ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ and then it reboots. Using 0x12345678 gets around this issue but it would be nice to have full turbo clocks available. (currently overclocked to 4.5ghz)
  2. @Niresh I was able to skip this step and get to the desktop fine, when i've got two second ill try installing the kext for the realtek ethernet, other than that can you shed some light on what happened?
  3. @Niresh So i've rolled back to high sierra but having an issue with the setup crashing and rebooting after the network setup screen. I'm using all the default settings and kexts from the High Sierra Zone distro from here except i had to use "OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000.efi" instead of the default fix. and the following boot args were needed: npci=0x2000 (without this it would still show alloc class errors regardless of the aptiofix used) slide=0 (without this is randomly froze during the debug) i also had to change the fake cpu id to "0x12345678" to get it to install or get past the first few lines without boot looping. I'm not sure what any of those arguments do but it got me to install it fine, but now i cannot get past the network setup screen without it crashing and printing out a few lines of debug code and then rebooting, i've linked a screenshot here: High Sierra Debug after Network Setup it's also worth noting that the ethernet was working fine on Mojave. Muchly appreciate all your time helping me here too. this has been the furthest i've been able to get on my x99 system for a hackintosh ever.
  4. all good i got past that. it turns out i cant use the nvidia driver because nvidia wont release a driver for mojave so i have to roll back to high sierra. will that efi folder you sent me work for that?
  5. @Niresh i managed to get around the kextd stall by "injecting Intel CPU Id with 0x12345678", resetting the HDA and injecting Nvidia. (i dont know for sure which of these options did it). How do i go about setting it up so i dont need the usb key to boot? and also i noticed i cant get to the efi partition to access the config so i can install the nvidia driver or update my audio driver (audio works now but the volume slider is broken). Other than that, or some random visual bugs (which i assume are because my nvidia driver isnt installed) its working alright.
  6. that worked well enough to get it installed. but now im getting kext stalls on what looks like the audio driver, here is a link to the screenshot in my dropbox (i dont know how to upload here). https://www.dropbox.com/s/ne5ohzf1c7qjv4o/IMG_20190511_170119.jpg?dl=0
  7. @Niresh i have tried all the efi fixes in that article (after removing the old ones). the only one that does anything is "OsxAptioFixDrv-64" which generates the following: OsxAptioFixDrv: Starting overrides for \System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi Using reloc block: yes, hibernate wake: no OsxAptioFixDrv: AllocateRelocBlock(): can not allocate relocation block (0x19AAE pages below 0x100000000: Not Found
  8. Im currently trying to install niresh mojave on my system. specs are; 5820k, 1080ti, msi x99. currently i get into the bootloader fine but when i try boot it i hang (and eventually reboot) on: root device uuid is 'CA829A23-72DC-3758-903F-FFB973124D9C' End InitBootStruct Start LoadRAMDisk End LoadRAMDisk Start FinalizeBootStruct Start RandomSeed End RandomSeed Error allocating 0x11ab8 pages at 0x000000000b304000 alloc type 2 Couldn't allocate runtime area _ If i remove the nvdisable=1 boot flag i hang on this: root device uuid is 'CA829A23-72DC-3758-903F-FFB973124D9C' End InitBootStruct Start LoadRAMDisk End LoadRAMDisk Start FinalizeBootStruct Start RandomSeed End RandomSeed i've tried every fix i can find including OsxAptioFix2Drv.efi (which i have currently removed). i noticed its in the "Drivers-Off" folder but not sure if this folder does anything. Open to any help thanks.
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