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  1. Sorry I must of been tired lol ment to type Where it fails at is when it starts to load kexts I believe
  2. where where is Bells at is right when it's supposed to load the Mets.. It says Lilu: file @ failed to find /system/library/private/framework maybe that helps ty
  3. Yes my computer does support UEFI booting right now I have a booting Windows 10 Linux and Ihigh sierra cannot seem to get it to upgrade to Mojave
  4. intel celeron 2597u and yes it does i beleve
  5. Hello^ every one! Basically a noob here, my issue is no matter which way I cut and try and do, I cannot get Mojave to boot up to install it.. High Sierra works without issue. Can someone please tell me what I'm missing? Maybe Mojave is not compatible with the cheap Intel celeron processor.. Thanks
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