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  1. Can you confirm if Niresh Mavericks is working with y510p ?
  2. Well nvm I managed to install it, everything works perfect know ! Had to do a few tweeka here and there btw.
  3. Did you manage to install mavericks on it ? I am searching many forums and no clue.
  4. I know it's an old thread but could you assist me with the dead beef error ? I am getting this error after I tried installing mavericks in my machine . If you could assist me step by step how to do it I would appreciate it my friend . My specs are I7 3770 3,4 ghz Ati 7970 Ga h61m s2pv I am trying to install it in a ssd 380 samsung evo
  5. Yes ,but that article really doesn't say anything clear , I guess I will have a very hard time trying to do this , thanks bud!
  6. Hi all , I installed Mavericks in my machine using the Nerish method and by following the tutorial in the video by the Italian guy.I did everything he said , didn't mess with any of the files while selecting what to install or not , I left on default , neither did any typing in the boot screen . But when I try to boot the installed Os I get the deadbeef error .I read somewhere it had to do with the GPU and was telling me to disconnect and use the integrated GPU , It seems that this error is gone (maybe) but instead I get a screen with a panic , about Darwin and power management thing(I am not at home to get a screenshot). Does anyone experienced knows that and know how to help me ? I would be much appreciated ,believe me, I am pulling my hairs off. My specs are. I7 3770 3,4 GHz Ga h61m s2pv 8gb ram Ati 7970 Thanks in advance ! Edited: I am using Chameleon bootloader.
  7. Hi , my specs are : i7 3770 3.4ghz 7970 8gb ram ga h61m s2pv Can someone confirm if Niresh works in my pc ? FOund 2 threads here but nothing confirmed or helpfull . If yes , is there any tips or should I just follow Niresh turorial ? Thanks in advance
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