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  1. I left it a while and now it's at about 17.7 read / 7.3 write.
  2. I tried MB Bench and got about (4.6) read and (3.77) write. Not sure if it is good. The graph is in spikes and not in a straight line. Is the normal?
  3. You can update with System Prefs> Software Update just like a real Mac : )
  4. OK, what size Kingston Savage SSD are you using, and are you using Blackmagic Disk speed test to get those numbers? That's excellent.
  5. I've had that long delay a couple times including original install of Niresh Mojave on my gigabyte H87N-WIFI. This time it took forever. I tried all the boot options before it finally worked. To be clear, which is the correct boot option after the updater adds them?
  6. I have tried a couple 120GB SSDs including ADATA and Corsair but the speeds are not as good as other OSs. Instead of 500MB or so the speeds are half that for read and even lower for write. Sometimes slower than my old hard drive even. I have a Gigabyte H87N-WIFI (2013 Haswell dual core 4th gen) ITX mobo. I am wondering if I should try a new Samsun SSD or would the speed be similar? Is there any way to fix this or do I need to change the mobo? Thanks for any leads on this problem!
  7. I was looking at the single slot card, but that 7100 is too expensive. How about the 2100 which looks similar Radeon Pro WX 2100 2GB PCI-E. Would it work with Metal? https://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=38_1244_516&item_id=123127
  8. Can anyone recommend a currently available graphics card that will work with Mojave on Hackintosh? I have a nvidea GTX 680 which was flashed for a MacPro 3,1 to work as a Mac compatible card with boot screen. Would that card work in a Hackintosh? I wanted a one card width compact graphics card that would be supported and have better performance than my current HD4600 internal graphics on the cpu. Are later HD on board graphics better than my 4600? Worth upgrading to a newer version of what I have now? What is great is that it even supports Airplay which my GTX 680 flashed does not support. Thanks for any help! Martin
  9. I have been using my rig since day one of the release and it has been great! But I just noticed the USB 3 ports on my GA-Z87N-WIFI Gigabyte mobo are not fully working. In system info it says USB 3.0 Bus and that's it, no drop down menu showing connections to the bus like it shows in the USB 2 bus. There probably was a patch in the Niresh installer, but I would rather not have to re install an almost perfect system. What is the recommended way to patch? Thanks for any help! Martin
  10. All done! My rig (specs above) loved the default settings. I did not change anything and it is fully functioning. Sound, internal graphics, FaceTime/ Messages login, Software Update to .2, everything running super fast and snappy with 16GB of ram this little i3 blows away my other Macs in the house. Niresh you are my hero! Excellent work. I appreciate how you don't rush out your Distros and make sure the quality control is done. Not everyone does this, and people who do are special. I'm looking forward to a Niresh Mojave Forum when you have time to do that, so I won't post here, thank you.
  11. I made a donation of $15 but I did not see the progress bar go up from $40, why is that? Also, I made a couple donations last year for High Sierra, but my profile says zero donations made from me which is not correct. Is there a way to fix? Thanks! Martin Now I see the progress bar went to $54!!
  12. The answer was to wait and not be so impatient !! I have the install screen now, yay! I'll post how it goes, this is awesome.
    Does this Restore Niresh Mojave tool do anything that Disk Utility restore can't do? Last night I could not get this link to work so I used DU and it seemed ok, although I get an error trying to boot the installer.

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