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  1. I also tried to restore from Disk Utility: EDIT: I think I joined the 'fake usb' team. This drive which I have for many years don't seen to have the real 16gb. I tried another one (same that had high sierra) and the restore worked.
  2. The USB is 16gb. I tried this exact process with the High Sierra and everything went ok, but with Mojave it does not work. Here is some images: USB Before: Folder with restore: Installation Success (after just 10 seconds) USB After:
  3. I download the Niresh-Mojave.dmg and also Restore Niresh Mojave.pkg. Both are on the same folder and I formated the pen drive as said in the guide (inside a guest mac el capitain). When I run the Restore Niresh Mojave.pkg (choosing the usb drive as target), the package runs for a few seconds then gives a success message. When I check usb drive, it only have a few mbs filled. I also tried to boot from this usb drive and it shows the clover but does not show the Niresh installer. Any tips on why the restore niresh is giving a success message but no writing the niresh on the usb drive?
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