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  1. Good day. I own a Dell Inspiron 7567. This laptop has dual graphics: Intel HD Graphics 630 (iGPU) and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 (dGPU). I have installed the Niresh Sierra distro on my computer. The problem is i can't get the Nvidia card and the HDMI port (which is more important) to work. Here are several things i'd like to point out: 1. I know that my laptop uses an Optimus-like technology, but the HDMI port is attached directly to the Nvidia GPU, so that when you connect an external monitor, the Intel GPU is being disabled or at least becomes inactive. In that case all requests are rendered, processed and buffered by the Nvidia GPU, so that Intel does nothing. It is confirmed by me in Windows. 2. Please do not suggest me to disable the iGPU in BIOS (it simply does not have a function like that), or mod it (there are simply no mods like that for my laptop). 3. In Arch Linux, i actually managed to use only the Nvidia GPU by telling programs affilated with Xorg to use only Nvidia using commands, so that is possible. I performed some digging and I worked out that the method that really may work is disabling the Intel GPU manually, letting Sierra Zone forget about it completely. Perhaps disabling could be performed by patching DSDTs and SSDTs as when one disables Nvidia GPU to save power. I would like to get useful advice on my case. Thanks.
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