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  1. Hey Revolutioner, I already tried to install an already patched applehda for my sound card chip but it still didnt work... only the speaker output does... And i have patched hdef wich match my layout id in my dsdt... I really dont know what to do more.. it's like i did everything to get it working but always the same.. Any other suggestion?
  2. Hello, there is now some week Im trying to patch my applehda in order to match my codecs (alc269vb) but the issue is that only the speaker works; when i plug in my headphone it should auto-switch to the headphone output but nothing and my mic doesnt work either. I edited hdef section in hdef to match my codec, compiled it with success, edited verbs data for the applehda driver etc.. but i cannot see whats messing up.. Does anyone have any suggestion to solve this? Here is my codec_dump.txt (applehda and voodoo one) and my edited verbs_data.txt Hopefully you guys will find a way to fix it... codec_dump_dec.txt dump.txt verbs_data.txt
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