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  1. @Niresh First, How can i change my name without deleting my account? Second, I cant post a photo, as i broke the computer and wiped the installer drive.
  2. @Niresh why should I, Niresh? There are a lot of other users on your Hackintosh Zone. None of them have had to change their profile name for their real one. Can an you help me with ACPI Error
  3. @Niresh@Niresh Mojave My copy of Niresh Mojave always gets stuck on ACPI Error Method Parse/Execution Failed. it worked with High Sierra.
  4. @Niresh why should I change it? I am a fan?
  5. I am on amd. why should I change my username?
  6. Niresh Mojave showing my pci config and not advancing. I need any help possible.
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