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  1. @Niresh Here are pics of my screens. I hope they are readable.
  2. I have tried and tried and cannot get this to work. I am running a Ryzen 3 2200G and 16 GB ram, tried integrated graphics, and my Radeon RX 550. with all motherboard settings set as per Niresh instructions. (Some I could not find). Tried with windows pre installed and without. It is a custom built PC I built myself. MSI B350 Gaming motherboard. I have followed the instructions to the T. I get a clover boot screen, I choose to boot Niresh installation, I get a verbose screen that ends with "Previous shutdown cause 3" and goes no further. Also there is a line that says unsupported processor found, or something like.
    I installed the Niresh Mojave Hackintosh on my laptop alongside existing windows OS. Hackintosh works fine, windows will not boot. I have tried to reinstall windows and can't boot to the windows install USB. So I now have a Hackintosh laptop with no windows. Help?
  3. I can't install the recent Mojave update to 10.14.4. I also can't seem to boot back into Windows after installing Niresh Mojave on a different partition.

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