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  1. I installed Whatevergreen.kext, but it didn't fix the issues. But yesterday I unplugged the DVI cable from the monitor, plugged it back, and it fixed everything, soo yeah :D. But thanks for the help!
  2. Hello guys! So, I installed hackintoshzone Sierra back then around dec 24-25, because I upgraded my graphics card to GT 1030. Everything was good. I updated to 10.12.6 via App Store to able to use the Nvidia web drivers. After a couple of months, I noticed, the GPU doesn't output picture on DVI, only on HDMI. But sometimes it does output on DVI too. On Windows everything is great. The GPU is the MSI GT 1030 DDR4 version. The PC I'm using is Dell Optiplex 790 with the latest BIOS possible. I don't know what's the problem. If somebody can help me in this I would be happy. PS: I'm new in Hackintoshing.
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