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  1. So,tried to reinstall mountain lion..this time with -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes System uptimes in Nanoseconds ....... Think i give up.. Heard that Osx 10.10 should Run fine in another Forum but Thread is One Year old and person wrote that clover shows grafik etc..dont know which version of clover -which kext-which smbios(think version must have enabled vnvidea inside) Think gonna try 10.10
  2. I know but still the same..tried x times always the same
  3. Cannot find any working access method
  4. What i am doing wrong?tells me directhw.kext not installed..
  5. Dont work.. sudo lspci -nn command not found
  6. I got installed ML 10.8.2 without Problems..installed and bootet with -v nv_disable=1 Problem 1 is that i dont have sound.wlan works Straight from install.Problem 2 is the Graphic.Got an nvidea 9100m and a Gt230 accelerator build in.The accelerator is turned of in bios because if not black screen comes up.Lion shows my graphic card(9100m) just as 3MB Ram.How can i fix that problem with graphic and sound?i am Beginner in Hackingtosh..pls help with answer as easy as possible..thanks a lot
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