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  1. I would like to do so, but how should I try AppleALC without the native AppleHDA? (It's not included in the Yosemite-Zone installer ) Edit: I found out that my Codec is ALC269VC
  2. Hey, I have Yosemite 10.10.0 (Niresh) and no VoodooHDA works for me. So I wanted to try the AppleALC Method with Clover. Thereby I have two major Problems. 1.) Where to find the appropriate native AppleHDA for Yosemite 10.10.0? (I already tried to get it out of the Yosemite-Zone installer, but sadly it is not inside, I think because voodooHDA is inside, which bites with AppleHDA) 2.) I made a Codec Dump from an Ubuntu Live Stick. But how can find out now of this codec dump what ALC-Version I do exactly have? Here's the codec dump. It would be very, very,very cool, if somebody could help me, because I've worked so long now on the problem and didn't get it to work. Codec Dump: https://www40.zippyshare.com/v/8dsfjbco/file.html
  3. Edit: Using Hacktools i Found out that the Soundcard should be "Intel 8 Series HD Audio Controller (8086:9C20). Can somebody tell me which ALC-Codec this is?
  4. Hey, I have Yosemite-Zone 10.10.0 and I have the Problem that always if I try to execute sudo in the Terminal, then the password is asked. Nothing worked until now. Tried also root and niresh? What is the password for the distro? I really need the sudo function and it would be really cool if somebody could help me
  5. Hey guys. I have a really serious problem regarding the sound of my yosemite-zone distro (niresh, 10.10). After installing all necessary graphics and wlan kexts etc., I tried to fix the problem of not having sound with several kexts of Multibeast (also including voodoohda) none of these worked. After trying all realtek kexts I was able to find in several hackintosh-forums including appleALC, trying to fix the problem via Clover etc, I finally noticed that one of the voodohda's was not just showing "no voodoo device detected", but it still seems not working. When i try to open voodoo, it shows two errors 1.) "IOSServiceClose failed" 2.) "Can't get registry-entry path" In the audio-settings I still cant find any audio device. Has anyone an idea how to fix the problem? Took me nearly one week My Specs: PC: Medion S6413T (8GB RAM) Processor: Intel Core i5-4210U Graphicscard: Intel HD Graphics 4400 Os installed: Yosemite-Zone (Niresh Distro: yosemite 10.10) For the soundcard I can just find "Realtek High Definition Audio" through Windows. The codec i read up somewhere in a forum MIGHT be ALC282, but I'm really, really not sure. Can somebody help me with my problem?
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