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    thank you very much Niresh. I used the iso on my dell optiplex 790 with 4 gigs of ddr3 ram 2 gig msi geforce vcard and it works just fine. One thing I'd like to mention which I'm not sure is really an important thing or if that's supposed to happen but when i first installed it I did the bios thing and it installed with a minor detail...my keyboard and mouse kept freezing but I found a fix right here, I used -x -f and it worked perfectly ...now the part that has me stumped after disconnecting my mac hard drive and hooking up my win 10 machine I went back into the bios to set it back to the way I always have it set normally and forgot about it until I went back and hooked up my mac hard drive I didn't change any bios settings but it booted up normally. Is that supposed to happen? I thought I would have to change all my bios settings everytime I plugged the mac hard drive in.
  1. I found the answer in another thread...using -x -f worked for me...
  2. everything installed properly but I can only get so far at setting up my account and the keyboard and mouse freeze up. dell optiplex 790 i3 2100 sandybridge cpu nvidia geforce 630 2 gigs of vram 4 gigs of ddr3 ram
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