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  1. Hi Im really struggling to upgrade my machine - I can instigate installing high sierra from sierra but on the first restart prior to installing I get infinite loop after clover and apple screen. I think this is graphics related from what Ive read. Problem is, cant load Nvidia updated drivers till im actually booting from High Sierra. Ive lost a lot of days with this and I'm prepared to pay for support from someone who really understands Hackintosh. My set up is GAX79-UP4 with i7- 3930 6 core processor. My Graphics card is Nvidia Quadro k1200. I have tried with an old Geforce 9500GT too. same story. Be grateful for some help.....
  2. Hi I have had a working Sierra build for over 12 months now - Wanted to create a Back up so I could experiment with upgrading to High Sierra without damaging my working build however thats whats happened. I used CCC to create the back up with the addition of a post flight script for the EFI. All looked fine, Removed the original working SSD - booted and got the following screen. I then removed the back up and reinserted the original but I cant shift from this screen. ( Ive just realised I cant post the jpeg) "The system has experienced boot failures due to overclocking..." Its asking me to restore BIOS defaults but I'm nervous to do this as its been fine . Whats also odd is that the CPU is not overclocked as it suggests . I checked BIOS after. Im desperate as now I cant use the machine.... My MB is a Gigabyte X79-UP4
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