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  1. @Niresh I have tried to add an attachment but I do not know how to attach a picture on to this forum post.
  2. @Niresh I partitioned the hard drive in windows and I can only choose between NTFS an exFAT formats. During the installation of Mojave when I use the Disk Utility to partition the hard drive too Mac iOS Extended (Journaled) and GUID Partition Map Scheme.
  3. @Niresh I partitioned about 100 GB using Disk Management in Windows. Then I formatted the 100 GB to the required format during installing process of Mojave.
  4. @Niresh@Niresh Yes I have tried that as well. When I install Mojave I use the default setup and it does not install due to this problem, but when I remove the Bootloader, Mojave installs but then I am unable to open Mojave afterwards.
  5. @Niresh I named it "MAC OS Mojave" and I allocated 100 GB to it
  6. I have tried to install Mojave several times and I keep getting error while running scripts from the package "Clover UEFI.pkg" UEFI setting are according to recommendations. I can see that this question has been asked before and I have tried the suggestions that have been put forward, but still it does not install. I did use HighSierra but I managed to wipe my hard drive clean when performing the Partition while installing Mojave, some kind of error occurred and it formatted my entire hard drive to iOS and I had to reinstall Windows. I know were to find the installer log file but how do I retrieve the installer log file? Toshiba Satellite P850 Processor: Intel Core i7 3630QM CPU@2.40 GHz Baseboard: Toshiba QFKAA version 1.0 RAM: 8 GB installed ACPI X64 Based PC 64 Bit X64 Based processor Windows 10 Home
  7. Thank you for your answer
  8. I downloaded the Mavericks and installed it on my computer and everything is working fine. My question is, is it possible to download and upgrade to Mojave from the Apple APP store or is it only possible to install the Mojave version from the Hackintosh web site? Thanks for a very good installation guide. Best regards Jonleif
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