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  1. @Niresh got somewhere. Past ACPI, but now there are no arguments initialised for me||
  2. @Niresh My Specs are: AMD E1-7010 APU with Radeon 7 Lenovo ideapad 110 151BR
  3. Does your laptop support SSE4.1 Instruction Set? If not, your pc is not compatible if it is, try reflashing the installer.
  4. @Niresh Thats what i am doing... that is when it says message is spam.
  5. @Niresh Go to imgur, and search Niresh Mojave, then select the one that looks like a laptop.
  6. USB security is probably protection against booting malicious software
  7. @Niresh Cant upload. message seems to be spam
  8. @Niresh i can send it straight to you if you give me email address.
  9. @Niresh i changed my username. This account is an old one. i broke my camera when i dropped my tablet.
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